Information about the Song Bad Romance by Lady Gaga

Now I will be telling you some amazing information and facts about a song called Bad Romance which is by a singer called Lady Gaga. This song was first released on October 26th 2009 and it was recorded on 2009 as well. Did you know that Lady Gaga’s real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta? The length of this song is about four minutes and fifty four seconds. The genres for this song are pop, electro pop, dance, Synth pop and dance pop. If you would ever like to purchase this song then I suggest you buy Lady Gaga’s album which is called the fame monster. The labels for this song are called Streamline, Kon Live, Cherrytree and Interscope. The producer for this song is Red One. The people who wrote this song are Stefani Germanotta and Nadir Khayat. If I were you I would carry on to find out some more superb information and facts about a lady Gaga (and I will be telling you some other incredible information and facts about Lady Gaga as well). So I hope you enjoy reading this entire amazing piece of information and facts about Lady Gaga and her song Bad Romance.

General Information about Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga was born on March 28th 1986 in New York City, United States. Not only is she a singer but she is also a song writer, business woman, dancer, activist, record producer, and a performance artist. The types of songs Lady Gaga does are pop and dance. The labels Lady Gaga has been in are Def Jam, Cherry tree, Kon live, Inter scope and stream line. Did you know that Lady Gaga can play the Keytar, piano and the synthesizer? Did you know that Lady Gaga has one sister called Natali who was born on 1992? Lady Gaga has been singing since she was about 11 to 13. As you know that all famous people have a website especially singers/ rappers and actresses/ actors. Lady Gaga’s famous website is called The first ever offical song Lady Gaga has made was poker face which was a wonderful single when it first came out. Carry on reading to find out some other fascinating information and facts about Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga Song List

Now I will be naming some of Lady Gaga’s songs that she has made and who she has associated the song with. Some of the songs Lady Gaga has made are called: Bad romance, paparazzi, telephone parody (which is featuring Beyonce), born this way parody, just dance (which is featuring Akon), poker face, Judas, psycho, Calle ocho (which is with Pitbull, Fergie and Britney Spears), the edge of glory, Christmas, hair, the brain, you and I, dance in the dark, bloody Mary, alejrando, breaking winds, all time low and she has made many other songs with many other famous singers/ rappers. If you haven’t heard any, some or a couple of these songs then I suggest you hear the songs on Youtube and if your lucky you might even get to watch the video of the song. Did you know that Lady Gaga has won 123 awards and she has been nominated in 255 awards? Isn’t that just unbelievable? Well I definitely think it is

The Tours Lady Gaga has been on

Now I will be naming the three albums Lady Gaga has made so far including the year it was released (which will be in order). In 2008 Lady Gaga made an album called The Fame. In 2009 Lay Gaga made an album called The Fame Monster. Finally in 2011 Lady Gaga made an album called Born This Way. Now I will be naming the tours she has been in (which will also be in order). In 2009 Lady Gaga went on a tour called The Fame Ball Tour and in 2009 to 2011 she went on a tour called The Monster Ball Tour. So as you can see she hasn’t been on much tours but she is willing to go to more later on in these few years that are going to pass by really quick. Well I hope you have enjoyed reading this piece of information (which is including facts as well) about Lady Gaga and a song she made which is called Bad Romance and I also hope that you have enjoyed watching the music video for this song which is called Bad Romance.

Lady Gaga - Bad Romance