So you're ready to leave your timid ways behind? After all, Halloween comes but once a year and, this year, you want to live it as the fantastic, outrageous Lady Gaga. Here are a few tips for assembling your out-there Lady Gaga costume.

Some things you will need to have ready well before Party Day:


Lady Gaga is a natural brunette but has been a platinum blond for quite a while. Her tresses are actually sort of chin length but her trademark is long platinum hair with bangs. You will probably need a wig to get this look. On the other hand, the curly platinum wig could also be smashing, depending on your outfit.

Wig Cap

You will need to gather up all your hair and secure it under a mesh wig cap so your wig will fit neatly and evenly.

The Outfit

You have some leeway here. Lady Gaga has a new look every time you turn around and each one is unique. But there are some common threads running through them. Remember, you need to go beyond current styles to avant garde.

She likes shiny things. Think sparkles, glitter, wet look. Look for sequins, crystals, patent leather.

Colors are striking. She uses black, white, silver, red, blue, gold, and yellow, for instance. She's not into earth tones.

Mini-dresses are good, but so are tight pants. Brief hot pants in patent leather or the cat suit style, for example. Everything fits snugly and shows your assets to their best advantage.

Fortunately, there are some licensed knock-offs you can buy quite reasonably that will save you hours at the sewing machine. You can always embellish as you see fit.

For instance, there is a sequined silver mini-dress with stiff flared sides over a sheath skirt and an eccentric triangle on the bodice that is very striking. There is also a black and silver version of this dress. Both come with matching masks. There is a black and silver single strap star dress with a star on the strap and long dangles over the sheath skirt that is a knockout.

If you want to forego the skirt there is a blue body suit costume with padded shoulders, a plunging neckline, cutaway side slits and matching gloves. For those of you with tight abs, there is the VMA white performance costume with rhinestones on the bodice and boot tops, white briefs, and silver eye mask. Or you could be all patriotic with Lady Gaga's American flag costume.


Lady Gaga always goes for the head to toe look. You might affix a lightning bolt with crystals or pearls on it on one side of your face with the same glue you use for your false eyelashes. Don't forget the coordinated mask or glasses.

Biker gloves, maybe with studs, or other types of gloves that go with the outfit are good.

Choose the right kind of stockings. Sometimes sheer, other times opaque, panty hose or, sometimes, fish net stockings are called for.

Killer Heels

These may be strappy shoes, short boots, tall boots, or somewhere in between.

As part of your persona, you may want to carry a microphone or, for this Halloween, let your witch's wand be a disco stick.


With the exception of her eyes, which are heavily accentuated, Lady Gag's makeup usually seems fairly conventional. Her eyebrows are soft. For the face, try a matte foundation then concealer under the eyes, on the chin, mid forehead or other colored areas. Apply a darker shade in the hollows of the cheeks, temples, sides of the nose and chin. Use a gold or pinkish blush, followed by iridescent gold bronze powder all over with a darker shade, again, in the hollows of the cheeks, temples, and chin. Her lipstick is often a shimmery, frosty peachy pink. Don't be afraid to paint or paste designs on your face as part of your Lady Gaga costume.

For the eyes, think shimmery silver with lavender highlights. You will need eyeliner above and below and, of course, false eyelashes. Your eyes should attract a lot of attention. This is not for going to work or school. This is for FUN!

Now get out there and astonish everyone! To see the all in one costume choices for purchase, visit Lady Gaga Costume for ideas!