Lady Gaga, also known as “Queen Monster”, is a woman of many looks and outfits. With that being said, there are well over 100 Lady Gaga Halloween costume ideas that you can execute during the spookiest night of the year! All of her outfits are very nice and will attract a lot of attention; however, your goal should be to choose a recognizable Lady Gaga costume.

Dressing up as someone or something on Halloween is about being recognized as that character or object. Unfortunately, many of the outfits that can be used as Lady Gaga Halloween costumes are pretty universal, and not specific to her.

There are, however, a few Lady Gaga outfits that are completely exclusive to her wardrobe. This means that she either created them herself or was the only superstar to wear them.

Lady Gaga is the most influential artist, and one of the most followed people on Twitter. Here are a few costume ideas to choose from:

Wear A Tuxedo And Bowtie From The Born This Way Video

I am not trying to be stereotypical here, but tuxedos and bowties are worn by more men than women. Moreover, I am pretty sure that this is one of the reasons that Lady gaga incorporated this outfit into her “Born This Way” video...she takes pride in being different from everyone else in the crowd!

The Born This Way Lady Gaga costume is simple to pull off:

-Find a black tuxedo with a white dress shirt. The tuxedo can be made by any should simply try to find the one that fits you the best.

-Get your hands on a black bowtie. The bowtie can be real or fake, just make sure that it is a solid black one!

-The Born This Way Halloween costume incorporates long blonde hair; you can either get a wig or use your own hair if it’s blonde! Put it in a sideways ponytail, and mess it up a little bit!

-Here comes the tricky part. Use face makeup to paint your face to look like a zombie skeleton. This involves making your skin look very pale, and using some black makeup to paint circles around your eyes!

Create Your Own Homemade Lady Gaga Bubble Costume

There are two options when it comes to the legendary bubble costume by Lady Gaga. You can take a look on Amazon to see if they have any or simply make one yourself using accessories that you find around the hosue and in craft stores. This paragraph will go over the latter option!

In order to create a homemade Lady Gaga bubble costume, you must:

-Find some pieces of clothing that are skin colored. The bubble outfit will be completely transparent, so only choose the clothing that you feel comfortable enough wearing. This can be a revealing Lady Gaga Halloween costume or one that covers a lot of skin...the choice is yours!

-Head on over to a craft or packing store, and buy about 20 feet of bubble wrap along with a roll of packing tape!

-Take the bubble wrap home, and use some clear packing tape to turn your Lady Gaga Halloween costume ideas into a real outfit! Wrap the bubble wrap around your waist and chest area first. Then wrap each of your arms, and each of your legs.

*Use the packing tape to secure all of the bubble wrap. Make sure to use as much tape as you need to because you will probably be wearing the homemade bubble wrap costume for at least a few hours!

One Of The Sexiest Lady Gaga Halloween Costume Ideas-The Rubber Look

This is the perfect Lady Gaga costume for girls that want to look sexy on Halloween!

The “Queen Monster” has been seen wearing a black rubber unitard on many is actually one of her most worn outfits.

The coolest thing about this Gaga costume is that you can pair it with whichever costume accessories that you like! Simply make sure that you are wearing a black, super tight, rubber looking unitard, and go nuts with the accessories.

Choose your favourite wig, coolest fake guitar, or even your best pair of high cut boots!

Wear A Circle Scarf As A Hood?

This is one of the simplest Lady gaga Halloween costume ideas, but she is literally the one that coined it as her own! She took a circle scarf and wore it as a hood!

Many superstars have Halloween costumes that are sold in stores; however, dressing up as this specific star will earn you HUGE points regardless of whether you are going trick or treating or to a pop culture costume party!

There are 4 specific Lady Gaga Halloween costume ideas that are described throughout this article...use them properly and you’ll be the hit of any party!