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Gaga Halloween Costume Party Ideas

Lady Gaga Halloween Costume Ideas

Lady Gaga barely needs an introduction. Halloween costume ideas follow social, cultural and political trends.  In 2009 and 2010, Lady Gaga Halloween costumes and outfits were popular for adults.  Lady Gaga is still topping the charts and wearing outrageous outfits that make easy costumes for Halloween.  There are plenty of options for women, men, teens, and couples looking for 2011 Lady Gaga costume ideas.  Lady Gaga Outfit The Fame

Dress Up as Lady Gaga for Halloween - Costume and Wig Ideas

The easiest way to make a Lady Gaga costume for Halloween is to look at some of her most outlandish outfits or her basic look with the wig and makeup.  If you are not sure how to make a Lady Gaga Halloween costume use the following ideas.

1. Look at pictures to find Lady Gaga Halloween costume ideas.  There are pictures in this article and plenty more online to inspire costume ideas.

2. Watch Lady Gaga's music videos. The "Telephone" video is a good resource and also has Beyonce costume ideas.

3. Buy a Lady Gaga Halloween costume.  Choose the best costumes ideas and buy the outfit that you like the most. Amazon has a Lady Gaga meat costume for Halloween.  The meat costume is new for 2011 as far as buying an actual pre-made costume.

Gaga costume accessories are important.  These include the Lady Gaga wig, eyelashes, hair bow, tight PVC pants, aviator glasses, and makeup.  There are Lady Gaga Halloween costume kits at costume stores, Amazon, and Target. Try a fiber optic wig to make your costume stand out.

4. Buy the basics.  Lady Gaga is famous for her accessories and outfits.  Getting a good blonde Gaga wig Lady Gaga Meat Costume for HalloweenCredit: Amazon.comis top priority unless you have her hair already. A blonde or blue Gaga wig may be enough, but to make your Lady Gaga Halloween costume a hit you several accessories.  The only way to do this is to look at several of her pictures, watch a couple of her videos, especially the Telephone video, and then choose the outfit that will be your Lady Gaga Halloween costume.

5. To make a Lady Gaga Halloween costume yourself should not be hard. Consider all of the different outfits that she has worn over the time that she has been popular. She has made outrageous outfits and wigs popular.  It is up to you and your imagination as to what you can dress up as using the Lady Gaga costume.

6. Use your imagination.  You can make cheap Lady Gaga Halloween costumes. Amazon has cheap Lady Gaga Halloween costumes and wigs, the meat costume, Bad Romance costume, the bubble dress costume, and different color wigs. Target also has cheap Lady Gaga costumes, hair bows, and some other accessories, such as leggings and sunglasses. Lady Gaga costumes can also be used for any costume party, like a themed holiday party or New Year's Eve party.

Lady Gaga Bubble Dress Costume

The bubble dress is a popular idea for Lady Gaga costumes.  You can buy a bubble dress or make one.  Lady Gaga's bubble dress looks like the Hanes underwear grape character. The bubble dress appears as though she is naked or wearing nude colored clothing underneath with several bubbles all over her. You can make a Lady Gaga bubble dress costume by getting a Gaga blonde wig, buying light or nude colored leggings and top, and then using soHave a Lady Gaga Themed Halloween Partymething like balloons to make the bubbles. Blow up around 20 or so balloons and attach them, put on a Gaga-like wig,  huge sunglasses or aviator glasses, makeup and big, long eyelashes. When in doubt write Gaga across the back of your shirt. If you are looking for his and her or a couples Halloween costume then you could dress up as Lady Gaga in the bubble dress and the other person can be the Hanes underwear grape character. Or your couples Halloween costume can be competing Lady Gagas.

Lady Gaga Meat Costume

For those taking on the Lady Gaga meat costume for Halloween you do not have to use real meat. One of the great things about choosing a Lady Gaga outfit for a Halloween costume is that she has a lot of them, but also because some of them are so outrageous, it makes sense that you can dress up as Lady Gaga wearing only a hint of meat and others will know who you are. You can get some dog bones or dog chew toys and clip or pin them to your red colored clothing. As it says above, if your Halloween costume is Lady Gaga then most are going to recognize you if you get a blond wig, put on super long eyelashes, and wear sunglasses that are too big for your face. You can also mix up your Gaga meat costume by adding vegetables or dress up as a Lady Gaga Kale dress with a "supported by PETA sign" on you.

Lady Gaga Wigs

A Lady Gaga Halloween costume is incomplete without a wig. Lady Gaga wigs come in many styles, so looking at her pictures is important. She has a blond wig that is long and straight as well as some short wigs that are also blond, but are either very straight or really curly. If she is not wearing a wig, Lady Gaga has brown hair naturally. Although you can do the brown hair, she is harder to recognize when she is dressed "normal" and without her own costume.

Lady Gaga Halloween Costume Ideas and Party

Lady Gaga Themed Halloween or New Year's Party

Have fun making your Lady Gaga Halloween costumes. If you are throwing a Halloween party then try making it a themed party. A great idea is a themed Lady Gaga Halloween costume party. If you are a fan and are hosting then having a Lady Gaga themed Halloween costume party should be all sorts of fun. Throwing a Halloween party can be stressful for those attending, especially the ones who do not know what to wear. So, this year, give them ideas with the Gaga themed Halloween party and awards for the best Lady Gaga costume. Even for those who do not listen to her music it is easy to make a Lady Gaga outfit and Halloween costume.

A themed Lady Gaga costume party is a fun idea because there are plenty of costume ideas.  At your Lady Gaga themed Halloween party you can play games, dance, drink mocktails, and do whatever she inspires.  Whatever you do this year, be safe. Drink Halloween mocktails and avoid getting drinking and driving.

Have a safe Halloween!

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