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Rent or Buy a Kayak

If you love the outdoors, you may want to plan to have a kayak adventure during your next California beach vacation. There are many spots you can see from a kayak that cannot be easily viewed while standing on the shore. Going ocean kayaking alongside the Southern California beaches, exploring hidden coves, and watching for wildlife such as the sea birds and sea lions can be an exciting adventure that everyone in your family will enjoy. 

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You can Rent or Buy a Kayak

If you are taking a tour, or your first lesson, from one of the organizations listed below, you will probably just rent a kayak for the day, or even for a few hours.  If you decide you want to own one yourself, they are available from many sporting good stores, or from Amazon.com. 

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Kayak Tours and Rentals with La Vida Laguna

If you are going to be staying in the Laguna Beach area, one company that you may want to contact is La Vida Laguna.  They have a website at lavidalaguna.com or you can call them at 949-275-7544.  They can rent you a kayak, or they can take you on a two hour guided eco-kayak tour.  The tour is an excellent idea for people who are new to kayaking, particularly surf kayaking.  Your adventure begins with a lesson by an instructor while you are still on the beach.  Following this, you will be give a two hour tour of the hidden coves and wildlife off the coast of Laguna Beach.  They even guarantee that you will see a sea lion at Seal Rock.  This is a fabulous beginner kayaking adventure!

Kijubi Kayak Tours in Laguna Beach

Another ocean kayaking company in the Laguna Beach area is called Kijubi.  They also offer guided Laguna Beach Coastline kayaking tours, and you can bring along children as young as three years old, as long as they are in a kayak between two adult paddlers.  The tours offered by Kijubi are two hours long, and the company offers tours seven days a week.  You can book your tour online at kijubi.com or you can call them at 888-545-8247.  One of the highlights of their tours is also Seal Rock, which is a local nature sanctuary and the home of a colony of California sea lions.  On a kayak, it is sometimes possible to get as close as 10 feet away from these amazing animals.  Kijubi offers spacious ocean tandem kayaks with life jackets and comfortable seat backs.  The motion of the water is often so gentle that many children fall asleep during the tour!

North Laguna Float Company Kayak Rentals and Tours

North Laguna Float Company is another local organization that offers kayak tours of the Laguna Beach coastline.  You can reach them at 949-494-5910.  Like their competitiors, they also give guided, two-hour tours in their inflatable ocean kayaks.

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Supplies to Bring on a Kayak Tour

Whatever kayak company you choose to use for your Laguna Beach kayaking adventure, they will provide you with the kayak and the life jacket.  In the case of Kijubi, they also provide you with an optional mask and snorkel that you can use to do a little snorkeling during your tour.

There are certain items that you will want to have with you, to make your adventure more comfortable.  Guests need to wear a swimsuit and might also want to wear a t-shirt or swim shirt to reduce their sun exposure.  In addition, you will want a towel, bottled water, sunglasses, a hat and sunscreen.  Finally, don't forget to bring a waterproof camera!  You will have the opportunity to get some really unique photos, but you don't want to risk dropping a normal camera into the water.

Have fun on your Laguna Beack kayaking adventure!

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