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Have you ever stood on the shore, watching in amazement as someone on a paddleboard quietly and smoothly glides along the shore? That could be you! With a few hours of paddleboard training, you could begin to feel confident and at ease as you glide along the coast of Southern California. If you live near Laguna Beach or plan to visit in the near future, one activity you will want to try is learning to paddleboard. The view of Laguna Beach from the water, including its beaches, bluffs, and million dollar homes, is breathtaking. The ocean is surprisingly calm much of the time, and you'll soon discover that paddle boarding gives you an ideal opportunity to experience Laguna Beach in an extraordinary way.

You Can Buy Your Own Paddle Board

There are many places where you can purchase your own paddleboards, once you have taken lessons at one of the places listed below.  You can even get them from  Here is an example of the types of paddle boards that they sell, although they have a large selection:

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Paddle Board Lessons with La Vida Laguna

La Vida Laguna is a Laguna Beach company that offers Stand-Up Paddleboard lessons and rentals.  If you are looking for beginning paddleboard lessons, this company offers two hours of private instructions, including a tour.  During this time, they will teach you the correct paddle techniques and positions and take you on a tour to Seal Rock, a nature sanctuary and the home of a colony of California sea lions.  What an incredible adventure for your first time out on a paddle board!  You can contact La Vida Laguna at their website at or you can call 949-275-7544.  You do not need to have paddleboard experience in order to participate in their tour, but you do need to know how to swim, and you must meet the weight limits for their boards.

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Paddle Board Training with Kijubi in Laguna Beach

You may also want to contact Kijubi for your Stand Up Paddle Board lessons or to rent equipment.  They require that you be at least 8 years old and able to swim in order to sign up for their lessons.  The maximum weight for their inflatable stand-up paddleboards is 200 pounds, and the maximum on their fiberglass boards is 280 pounds.  The lessons are ideal for both experienced paddleboarders, as well as beginners.  The Kijubi lessons are two hours long, and the company operates seven days a week.  The exact time of your lesson depends on the tides and ocean conditions that day.  Your lesson begins with a 15 minute orientation on the beach, including the six different paddling techniques. Then, you'll be ready to get started!  As part of your lesson, you will have the opportunity to paddle to Seal Rock, a nature sanctuary that is the home to a colony of California Sea Lions.  If you are brave enough, you are allowed to paddle within 10 feet of these amazing animals!  What an experience!  You can get more information, including their current prices, at or by calling 888-545-8247.

Paddle Board Bliss in Laguna Beach

Paddle Board Bliss also offers some special programs that may interest you.  One of them is their PB Bliss Program that incorporates Stand Up Paddleboard classes with beach exercises and yoga.  It is for women only, so you won't feel uncomfortable or embarrassed while learning to paddleboard.  There are no more than 10 women in each class.  They estimate that you will burn 1,000 calories during a one hour workout!  The class is lead by a certified personal trainer and yoga instructor.  It is a four week program that meets 5 days a week.  They provide you with a stable stand up paddle board and paddle during your class.  In addition, you can have unlimited use of their rental equipment during the time you are taking the class.

Another special program they offer is the Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Boot Camp.  It combines paddle boarding with an assortment of other kinetic exercises such as push-ups and squats.  Women of all ages, abilities and fitness levels are welcome at the SUP Boot Camp, and you'll find that it is a great way to lose weight.

What to Bring Along When You Paddleboard

While you are taking lessons or going on a tour, the companies will provide you with the Stand-up Paddle Board, a paddle and a life jacket.  They will also provide the instructor, the training, and the opportunity to enjoy breathtaking views from the water.  However, you will need to come prepared, too.

Although most people just wear swim suits when they paddleboard, some people do prefer to wear wetsuits over them, depending on the time of year and the water temperature.  Other people prefer to just wear spandex shorts and a t-shirt, tank top or swim shirt.  Wearing a hat and plenty of sunscreen is highly encouraged.  Also, have a bottle of water on a strap to help keep you hydrated.  You are burning a lot of calories, and you are out in the sun.  It is easy to get sunburned or become dehydrated if you are not careful.

Whatever company you use, or whereever you choose to take your lessons, learning to paddleboard can be a life changing experience.

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