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Lagunas is a tranquil town. Max, the population is a thousand or so. If anyone is looking for a small town to get away for a while, this is the place to go.

The tranquililty is slighly upset by Cruz Azul's (a Mexican cement company) cement plant. It's whirring and occasional smoke sometimes create the only noise in the town.

No other noise comes from the town except some cars leaving the town from the main road during the day, people talking at the plaza, and the birds chirping in the gorgeous trees that line the hills around the town.

The hot weather accentuates the natural beauty if the town.

There is a giant sports complex (also owned by Cruz Azul) with a small soccer stadium--home to Cruz Azul's third division soccer team.

If you are hungry, there are several convenience stores to buy snacks. There are also small, home restaurants and fruit vendors.


If you liked the pros (which in writing, I liked a lot), you might be wondering why I recommend not going there.

Well, it's because I have mentioned all there is to the town. Tops, it should take you less than a day to see and do everything there.

There are no hotels, but one can rent rooms at various houses throughout the town (normally reserved for younger people going to try out for the third division team) for a cheap price--about 250 pesos for a week. But if you're jsut visiting, there is no need to rent a room for a week. These rooms are by no means luxurious. Just the basics: toilet, bed, couch, lights.

Everything in the town is Cruz Azul. Heck, even the town's church has a cruz azul ("blue cross," for those non-hispanics who took french instead of Spanish in high school). The cement factory is Cruz Azul. The small grocery store is owned by Cruz Azul. The only sportswear store sells only Cruz Azul jerseys and clothes--I'm a Cruz Azul fan and even I was a little disturbed by this. I felt like I was in a twilight episode and I couldn't escape.

After noticing the beautiful scenery, playing soccer, and walking around for an hour. There isn't much to do. Literally, in one day--in less than a day--you can see everything in Lagunas there is to see.

Full Review

Oaxaca, Mexico is a state in southern Mexico where many people go for vacation. It's not a surprise foreigners love it: warm beaches, beautiful fauna and kind people make for a paradise there. But, there are some places in Oaxaca that one wouldn't want to visit.

Lagunas is one of those places.

The small pueblo of Lagunas, Oaxaca is a town that is 6 hours away (by bus) from the main city of Oaxaca. It is practically owned by the cement company, Cruz Azul.

Sure, it is fun for a day, but once you've seen all there is to be seen, you will be bored.

In Closing

If you feel like going to Oaxaca to escape, there are plenty of beautiful places that aren't as boring as Laguanas. There are plenty of tranquil places by the tropical beaches in Oaxaca you can go to. Of course, you're a partier, don't even think of going there. At best, it would be good to just look outside the window while driving past.