An Overview of Lake Chapala, Mexico

Why Retire to Lake Chapala

Many upcoming retirees consider Lake Chapala, Mexico a viable retirement destination. The weather, amenities, and infrastructure all contribute to it being an easy transition to retirement. In addition, although the cost-of-living has increased with additional development and amenities, living in Lake Chapala is still a very affordable option for people who want their retirement dollars to stretch.

The area, spanning approximately 25 miles along the north shore of the largest lake in Mexico, claims the second-best climate in the world. Temperatures are pleasant, comfortable, and amenable to outdoor living and a healthy year-round lifestyle. Many people retire to the Lake Chapala area and find their health improves, their quality of life is better, and they are more active and healthier than ever before.

At an elevation of 5000 feet, there is little humidity, and the well-known "lake effect" helps keep temperatures moderate. Winter nights average in the fifties and summer days average in the eighties fahrenheit. Winter days warm up to the mid seventies and summer nights cool down to the low seventies.

The two seasons are more divided by the rainy season in summer and the dry season in winter since temperatures are fairly steady throughout the year. While there is a significant rainy season during the summer months, it usually only rains in the evening, and visitors need not worry about their trip being ruined from monsoon-like rains.

Lake Chapala boasts approximately 120 restaurants, many bilingual service people, and small luxuries such as massage therapists, salons, health food stores, coffee shops, art galleries, a theatre, an import grocery store, and easy access to an international airport and the city of Guadalajara, just an hour away.

Available infrastructure is often important to retiring people considering relocation, especially to a foreign country. The towns that dot the north shore of Lake Chapala have access to high-speed Internet, reliable telephone and electric service, high-quality medical care, and a large and well-established expat community.

The Lake Chapala Society (LCS), formed by expats over 40 years ago, offers multiple resources to newcomers and residents alike. The LCS hosts lectures, classes, discussions, relocation help, video and book rentals, and a directory to help find any service residents and visitors need. For visitors, the LCS on 16th de Septiembre in Ajijic, is a first stop.

From there, it is an easy walk to numerous restaurants, charming inns, the malecon on the lakefront, the central Plaza, and popular retiree haunts where striking up a conversation is easy and strangers quickly become friends.

Lake Chapala is repeatedly listed as a top retirement destination for its lower cost-of-living, climate, amenities, infrastructure, and beauty. It is no wonder so many choose to call it "home".