If you want to purchase a Lake Minnetonka home, cabin, parcel of land, or condo then you may not know how much you should pay. The current land values and cabin prices for the lake area changes annually. You first step to purchasing a home in this are is to do some research online.

Research Lake Minnetonka Homes for Sale

Using a simple Google search you can find a lot of parcels for sale. You can also search for  agents that are licensed and work daily in the area.

By using a licensed real estate agent to buy a cabin or homeyou will save a lot of money. A knowledgeable real estate agent will be able to show you which properties that are undervalued, and also help you to negotiate a lower price on the particular property that you are interested in purchasing.

Find a Real Estate agent or Realtor

Once you have begun to research properties for sale, then you can also begin to make a list of the agents and realtors. You can call them up individually and ask general questions. If you feel comfortable with a particular agent, or you like what free advice they give you then you can arrange to meet with them.

On the same token, if you get an agent on the phone who is rude, abrupt, or simply unaware of basic questions regarding the area then you can simply hang up on them and cross them off your list. There is no need to deal with a poor or unknowledgeable agent when you want to buy property.

Property Search

Let the agent you select to help you finding exactly what you are looking for.

  • Are you looking for a summer home only or do you plan on living there year round?
  • Do you want to buy a cozy cabin or an immaculate newer home?
  • Do you need the home directly on the lakefront or do you simply want the Lake to be within walking distance of your new home?
  • Do you need a garage for your boat?

Regardless of what you want in a property you need to share this information with the agent. He/she can not help you to find an appropriate property if they do not know what you want and what you are looking for.

Wintertime Rental

If you are only planning on living at your new home during the summer time then you may be able to rent it out in the wintertime. A wintertime rental will not command as much money as it would during the summertime but you will at least be able to bring in a few bucks each month to help pay your mortgage,.

Another benefit of renting out your summer home in the wintertime is you will have someone to keep an eye on the property. You tenant can make sure the pipes do not freeze up and if anything does happen they can notify you so you can get someone out there to fix it.

Buying a home at Lake Minnetonka is a lot of fun, but you do need to use a licensed real estate agent so you can ensure a smooth transaction with no surprises after the ink dries on your home contract.