Most Popular Lalaloopsy Dolls

There are over 100 characters in the Lalaloopsy television series.  There characters are the most popular ones in the show.  

Peanut Big Top - This character is one of the most popular in the land.  She is loved by everyone as she is very friendly and is always willing to help her friends.  Peanut practices new tricks so she can perform them for her friends to see at the shows.

Pillow Feathertop - You can probably guess this character's personality based off of her name.  Yes, Pillow is usually found sleeping in some clouds.  She is usually found sleeping at the worst possible times.  Her friends seem to always be looking for her while she is snoozing away in a cloud.

Cherry Crisp Crust - Every television series needs a dessert.  Cherry Crisp is the best baker of Lalaloopsy Land.  Just like a dessert, Cherry is very friendly to everyone in the Land and is always extending an arm to those in need.

Pickles B.L.T. - Here is another most popular character of the television show.  She is always talking up a storm as she feels she will never have another time to speak again.  Pickles is very clumsy and is usually always tripping over something that is in her way. 

Lalaloopsy Mini Littles Doll, Peanut Big Top/Squirt Lil Top
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These two sisters get along great together in this series; Peanut Big Top and Squirt Lil Top. You can buy these two as a set.
Lalaloopsy Mini Littles Doll, Pillow Featherbed/Blanket Featherbed
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(price as of Feb 18, 2014)
Pillow Featherbed and Blanket Featherbed are two sisters of this popular show.

Bea Spells-a-lot - You guessed it!  This character of Lalaloopsy Land is a genius.  She knows how to spell almost any word there is to know and you can always find her studying or researching information.  If her friends ever have any questions, Bea always knows or can find the answer.

Curls N Locks - Do you have a question about hair?  Curls N Locks is definitely the go to person.  She can make your hair look fabulous for a special evening out, or just if you are looking for a different style.

Scribbles Squiggle Splash - Use your creativity with Scribbes Squiggle Splash.  She is always working on a new art project to impress her friends and family with.  Spot Splatter Splash is her older sister.  You can guess that they both have very similar interests.


All these girls of Lalaloopsy Land have their own personality and own traits that make these dolls special.  The Lalaloopsy dolls names really give away what kind of person they are.  Which Lalaloopsy doll is most similar to you?