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Art Deco Art Glass

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You may not have heard of it, but you've probably seen it. Lalique glass is famous and iconic, and the famous company still lives on successfully to this day. Known for very high quality glassware intended for a discerning taste, Lalique glass is very famous and collectible among certain circles. The creator, Rene Lalique, was famous for his art deco art glass creations, and his earlier accomplishments in art nouveau jewellery. 

This article will deal with Lalique glass and all its various forms, including famous and signature pieces. We'll talk about the life history and accomplishments of Rene Lalique, and deal with the famous pieces of Lalique glass that he created and the style he helped give birth to in art deco art glass and glassware. 

Let's begin and learn all about Lalique glass.

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History of Rene Lalique

Lalique Art Deco Art Glass

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Lalique glass as a style wouldn't be possible without Rene Lalique himself, and he was quite influential in his design and his life as an artisan. Originally trained as an apprentice goldsmith, but was also attending an art college at the time, encouraging his creative growth. After he finished at the school, he went on to do freelance work for some famous jewelry firms and reinforced his reputation as a talented artisan. The work he engaged in was mostly in the art nouveau style, such as the piece included above, entitled 'Medusa'. 

He moved into art deco and art glass in the 1920s, and became even more reknowned for his ability with this new medium. With pieces heavily influenced by nature and natural substances, as well as the geometric repetition and patterns of the art deco period, he made a name for himself and his company as a genius of glassware, and that reputation lives on today. 

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Areas of Specialty:

Lalique Glass: Art Deco Art Glass

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Lalique glass is well known for pieces such as bowls and vases. Lalique vases are collectible and sought after by many collectors around the world. However, Lalique glass was made famous by his larger decorative pieces. He did the glass in the grand showroom of the SS Normandy, as well as large installation pieces in a number of churches (such as the altar shown at the beginning of this article) 

Lalique glass is especially well known for a certain frosted appearance that gives an element of elegance to the piece. He's also well known for doing all sorts of decorative pieces, as opposed to purely functional ones. Lalique glass hood ornaments were popular on posh vehicles at the time, and they were every bit as ornate as his other work. 

He also specialized in various installations of art deco art glass. Lalique glass panels were popular in doorways and windows. The frosted pieces were often complimented with impressions of plants, branches, animals, birds and beautiful women. It seems that Lalique glass was heavily influenced by an appreciation for nature. 

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Collectibles and Antiques:

Lalique Glass: Art Deco Art Glass

It's clear that Rene Lalique put as much effort, care and attention into his glass work as he did into his earlier jewellery, so it's easy to see why his pieces are so collectible today. But don't expect such pieces to come cheap! Since they all classify as antiques, and since they are so beautiful to look at (you'd be hard pressed to find a comparable quality of craftsmanship today), Lalique glass artwork is difficult to find and even more difficult to obtain. If you were able to track down a piece, chances are you wouldn't be able to convince the owner to part with it. Let's take a look at a few iconic Lalique glass pieces that have recently changed hands.

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This opalescent and translucent piece, featuring a nude woman holding up a length of flowing fabric around her arms, has been dated to 1925. This piece was recently sold at auction for nearly $10,000. It's nearly a foot high, and utilizes a delicate touch of color. This is classified as a piece of art deco art glass, but note the nouveau touches to it. 

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Oranges is one of Lalique's more famous pieces due to the imaginative nature of its design. The oranges referred to in the name are the round pieces of translucent glass, surrounded by the leaves of the plant, darkened with enamel and elaborately crafted. This piece is estimated to be somewhere between $25,000 - $30,000 in value, though it hasn't been sold in quite some time. 

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Lalique Glass:

Art Deco Art Glass

Now you're familiar with Lalique glass, try to recognize it when you run across it. Remember the signature uses of natural textures and patterns, as well as the art deco art glass elements in the later designs. 

In all likelihood, Lalique glass will continue to increase in value, so don't be surprised if over the next century we see fewer pieces in the hands of collectors, and more in the possession of museums, and deservedly so. Every Lalique glass piece is a work of art.

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