The first year of your baby's life is one of massive learning and development. This time is an important foundation for all later learning. 

Because babies learn through exploring and play educational toys are an important part of your baby's development - and Jacques the Peacock is probably the best educational toy in the Lamaze Play & Grow range. 


Why is Jacques So Good for Babies?

Jacques the Peacock is a great first toy because:

  • It helps your baby's developing sense of touch, sight and hearing. Toys that stimulate more than just one sense like this are better for your baby. 
  • It will interest a newborn and keeps them interested as they grow so it's good value for money.
  • It's easy to clip to a carseat or stroller which means it's good to keep your baby happy and busy on  car trips or when out and about. 

Lamaze Play & Grow Jacques the Peacock Take Along Toy

The Feathers

Every feather on Jacques the Peacock has something for your baby to explore. There's no wasted space. On Jacques everything is educational.

There are things for feeling. Things for grabbing. Things for chewing. Things for making sounds. Things for looking at. This makes it like an adventure playground for your baby. It also means that it grows with your baby because there's so much to explore. How they explore and play with Jacques the Peacock will change as they grow and reach a new developmental stage. But it's always educational. 

Lamaze impresses me (I have a degree in psychology focusing on child psychology) because they have thought of everything to include that will delight a baby. There are soft bulbs to grab and squeeze. (Great for developing hand strength.) Satin ribbons to tug and chew. A fuzzy body to pat. A squeaker to learn about cause and effect through sound. (All the wings make a wonderful crinkly sound too that babies love.) There's even a mirror to peek into. Jacques even makes a sound when you shake it. This all shows Lamaze has a good understanding of baby development and has put it into practice. It's no wonder babies love this toy throughout their first year. 

Lamaze Play & Grow Jacques the Peacock Take Along Toy


Easy for Baby to Grab and Hold

Your baby is still learning to grab and hold toys so Jacques the Peacock is light with thin feather panels so it's easy for your baby to grab and hold for exploring and play. 


Perfect Colors for Baby

Jacques' bright colors are eye-catching and great for visual stimulation. Babies are also attracted to faces (especially eyes) so as well as the mirror Jacques has a cute face with big eyes. Perfect for baby. 


Great for Different Baby Stages

The feather panels are all chewable so it's good for a teething baby. (Babies also learn more when things are safe to explore with their mouths not just their hands). 

What impressed me the most thought was the bold contrasting black and white patterned panels on the back of Jacques the Peacock. A newborn baby has poor color vision (it's still developing) so black and white contrasting patterns are much more interesting for them. This is one of the reasons Jacques is able to grow with your baby. The types of sensory stimulation in this toy follows what is known about a baby's development. From newborn vision, to grasping and feeling to the teething and chewing stages. 

So the Lamaze Jacques the Peacock is a well designed toy for babies. 

Jacques the Peacock in Action