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Holidays in Goa, India would not be complete if you forgot to visit the famous Lamgau Caves. These caves are just one of the 25 manmade and natural caves in the Goa area that tourists can visit when they take flights to Goa.

What are the Caves of Goa?

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The Goa caves are very interesting and people come from around the globe to experience them. They were cut from the rocks and built for mostly religious reasons and have links to the Buddhist religion. One of the caves was carved out for use as a residence.

Besides the Langau Caves, there are other famous caves, including Mallanguini, Shigaon, Narve, Sanguem, Warkhand, Curdi, Arvalem, Rivona, and Usgao.  The Lamgau Caves are located at Bicholim, a town about 35 kilometers from Panaji, which is Goa’s capital city.  

Several ways point to the Lamgau Caves

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If you are coming to Goa to see the Lamgau Caves, there is actually three different ways to approach them. One of these is by using the road that travels through the Lamgau Village and takes a very hard route along the base of a local hillside.

The second is quite a bit simpler and is a route that takes you driving through the town of Bicholim and then heading off in the direction of the town of Mapusa, which is home to the famous Mapusa Market on Fridays.  You then follow in the direction of one of the other famous caves, the Pandava caves, and there is a trail through the patty fields that leads to the two rock cut Lamagau Caves.

The third way to get to the Lamagau Caves is by traveling along the river, the the Goans are currently completing the building of a special jetty near the Pigao village to allow this method to be used.

What is in the Lamgau Caves?

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The Lamagau Caves are Buddhist in nature. One of the caves is very small but has a very artistic look. There are areca palms growing all around it, so it’s not possible to see the cave from far away and there is also a small stream nearby the caves.

The cave holds a stone linga, also called a lingham, which is the symbol for the Hindu God of Shiva, as well as a tulsi vrindavan, which is a very sacred and holy plant in Hinduism, and a small Nandi Bull image, which is the bull said to be the gatekeeper for Shiva.

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The second cave is quite a bit bigger than the other and is sometimes used as a shelter in the case of a monsoon storm in the area.  Right over the Lamagau Caves are large open cast iron ore mines. The cave has a long passageway that leads to the rear of it and the whole area of the caves is surrounded by pipal trees.

Due to the Hindu background, the government of Goa has been wooing Japanese tourists to come on Goa package holidays since many in Japan follow the Buddhist religion. The caves are made of decomposed laterite, which is rich in the iron ore of the minds above it.

All in all, these Lamagau Caves are a site that you don’t want to miss if you come to visit Goa, India.