Though laminate flooring is really durable, it,like most other things we have, should be maintained. Even if you are single and your particular laminate floors do not see the traffic of your neighbor's with the five kids running around all day, there will be times when they will require attention. Try reading through the following tips for ideas about how to care for your laminated flooring before you purchase that high priced laminate floor cleaner, you may not really need it!

Most Of The Time, You Only Need To Sweep

Laminated floors and linoleum kitchen floors are different animals entirely. Laminate flooring does not need expensive cleaners to look its best. The vast majority of the time, your laminate floor really only needs the dirt and dust swept away, and it'll look brand new. For faster results, you can also use a vacuum cleaner. Be careful that the vacuum either has no beater bar, or that it is disabled, or it will damage both the vacuum and the floor. A vacuum that has a hard floor option works, too, since that also disables, and sometimes retracts, the beater bar.

A Little Warm Water Sometimes Does The Trick

Even if you do find yourself with a stain or something stuck to your lovely flooring, laminate floor cleaner may not be necessary. First, try cleaning it with a warm wet cloth (using water only) and scrubbing it a little. Remember, laminate floors are designed for the traffic and the cleaning they receive. Meant for deflecting stains, the upper layer of the laminated flooring should keep things from sticking to it. Most times, the flooring just needs your help.

When To Use The Laminate Floor Cleaner

When you have tried with all your might and the warm water on the cloth just will not get your floor clean, it is time to get that laminate floor cleaner. This can be an expensive and confusing process. The manufacturer of your particular flooring usually suggests certain laminate floor cleaner and it is important to stick to their recommendations. This is all because of the top coat on your laminate. Each manufacturer uses a different process to make this coating and the chemicals in the cleaners can react in different ways. If you use just whichever cheap laminate flooring cleaner that you come across, you might end up with damaged or dulled laminate flooring.

Never Soak Your Laminate Floor

While soaking pots and pains to remove or loosen tough or dried on stains may be a good idea, for a laminated floor it would be a disaster. Rather it is simply water or any laminate floor cleaner, do not ever leave liquid standing on your laminate floor for any amount of time. Too much exposure to moisture is know to quickly cause warping in laminated floors. If you are questioning the amount of water or cleaner you are using then it is likely too much. Always use one the smallest amount of water or laminate floor cleaner that you really need, besides, it is always simpler to add more than to change out the laminate flooring pieces.