Getting Started With Your Laminate Flooring

You have obviously narrowed your floor option to that of a laminate floor, now you have to make sure the room in which this floor will be laid is fully prepared so that you don’t have to uproot the floor after ill preparing.  Once this is in place, you will then want to maintain your floor to extend its lifetime: it is advisable that you are aware of your floors after care instructions.

Redecorating – Most homeowners will be installing a new floor as part of a refurbishment or makeover to their home.  If your walls and ceilings need to be painted it is vital to ensure this is carried out before applying your new floor to save messy paint splodges from damaging your tiles.  Also you won’t want to have the hassle of having to make sure every bit of your floor is covered to prevent a paint spillage from ruining it.

Under Floor Heating

Under-floor heating – The majority of homeowners are now interested in keeping their house warm and many require the option of under-floor heating.  It is crucial that you make this decision before installing your floor so that you can be professionally advised of your options.  Depending on the type of tile you have chosen you may have to slightly change this to accommodate your under-floor heating system.

Non water resistant –Your laminate tile has several layers one of which is water proof, however this in itself does not make the tile as a whole resistant to water.  Make sure that you only use a damp not a wet mop as water could seep through and damage your floor or cause mould and fungus to develop.  This can be simply avoided by keeping an eye out for puddles and using special laminate floor cleaner applied to your damp mop.

Protecting Your Laminate Flooring

Cleanliness – You should regularly vacuum and sweep your floor to make sure it is kept dust and scratch free.  Sand particles can easily dislodge from shoes and scratch the surface, however keeping your floor clean will prevent this from occurring.  Should you have any stains to remove there are special ways to remove certain stains, acetone will remove paint stains and cigarette burns.  You can also consult a professional if the stain is particularly large in which case they may advise a re-fit.

Protection - In order to safe guard your floor from sharp edges, you can place felt backing onto furniture to prevent unwanted scratching and damage.  These can be bought from your local hardware store very cheaply and they can advise you of the best way to apply them.  It is a good investment if you plan on getting a long time from your floor and will save you from the hassle of trying to cover up scratched surfaces.