One of the more positive technological developments of the 20th century is the ability to laminate documents. It means that any precious document is going to have a covering, which is going to protect it from the natural elements. Any document can be laminated easily and thus preserved for posterity. A thin Lamination sheet is going to cover the document, and make it so strong that it can stand alone on its own. All the wear and tear of the elements is going to be done upon this covering, and thus the laminated documents can be preserved and protected for quite a long while.

- What is a laminating machine and what are they used for

A machine that does this lamination on your documents is known as the laminating machine. You can choose different type of lamination machines for different types of documents, for example, A 4 machines are going to laminate a complete A4 sized page etc. In the same manner, you can look for laminating machines, which laminated IDs, license cards, credit cards and other important documents, so that they cannot be destroyed easily. That is the reason why laminating machines are getting to be a very important part of technological development in any sort of industry today.

- Different types and brands

There are 3 major types of laminating machines, a hot lamination machine, a cold lamination machine and warm lamentation machines. Hot lamination machines are normally used to laminate documents which do not get easily affected with the application of heat. Cold lamination machines laminate those documents which are made up of laser printer inks, which melt at the slightest application of any kind of heat source. Warm laminating machines just need to warm up a little so that the lamination sheets can be applied (bonded) to the document properly and effectively. The major laminating machines brands out there, are Isotex, ScotchBM-PLATLC Factory Express. Glenro Inc. Graphic Products, Inc. Professional Laminating Systems, lnc. Remington Laminations, Inc. School Outfitters etc.

- Their advantages and disadvantages

One of the major advantages of a cold laminator is that you do not need any electricity to install it. Cold laminating machines are comparatively extremely easy to use, and safe. A hot laminating machine needs a lot of maintenance. You do not need any expert training for using a cold laminating machine and that is why people find it more user-friendly. All you have to do is set the document upon the machine, punch in the parameters and then turn the switch or handle. You are going to get the perfect laminated paper or ID card in just a couple of minutes. In fact cold laminating machines are best used in schools, colleges, and nurseries so there is no question of anybody suffering from accidental burns.

- How to choose one

Choose the best laminating machine according to the requirements of your company. If many documents need to be laminated, go in for a machine, which best suits your budget, and specifications

- How much are they

Good lamination machines can be found on the Internet at a price ranging from USD75-USD350 according to size and type.

- Where to buy

You can buy the laminating machine of your choice from online stores upon the Internet.