The days of needing to take media to a professional to have them laminated are over. It is possible to purchase laminating supplies for the home or small business that create a product exactly like that produced when having the work professionally done. The advantage is that by doing the laminating themselves a lot of money can be saved. A variety of media can be used to laminate projects of any sort. From rolls of laminating film, pre-made laminating pouches, and pre-cut laminating sheets. Using one of the aforementioned items with a hot laminating machine most any sort of media can be laminated with professional quality results.

Laminating film is typically sold in rolls. This is an excellent option for consumers who laminate frequently and for those who laminate objects of a variety of sizes. Laminating pouches are pouches of laminating film that are typically hinged on one side. Laminating pouches are a great time saver as they are pre-cut and can be used immediately without the need to cut film from a roll or align laminate sheets. Sheets of laminate are used to cover an item to be laminated, excess can then be cut away and the object put through a lamination machine. Sheets are particularly useful for odd sized projects which may not fit in a pouch, but are not large enough to require the purchase of a roll of laminate film.

There are a wide variety of laminating machines on the market today. Most work by feeding the media to be laminated through a pair of heated rollers thus sealing the media within the laminating film, pouch, or sheet with heat. Though most all laminating machines work on the same general principal features vary with the expense of the particular unit. More inexpensive models generally feature only one heated roller, or only one moving roller, and no way of adjusting the speed, pressure, and heat of the rollers. More expensive models can offer rollers which move independently of each other and controls that allow for the adjusting of the pressure, heat, and speed of the rollers. These controls allow for the ability to maintain contact between the media being laminated and the heated rollers, allowing for the use of thicker sheets of laminate.

Today the wide assortment of laminating supplies available on the market allow for a professional quality laminating job with ease. No matter what the laminating needs of today's consumer, laminating supplies are readily available.