The most common form of laminators in the market, and the most extensively used by consumers, are the pouch laminators. The name comes from the delivery method for the laminating film and the item to laminated. The pouch is a pre folded piece of the laminating film. The user inserts the item to be laminated into the pouch, leaving a minimum border of the film on all sides, and feeds it into a roller style laminator.

Lamination has been an effective method of preservation for a multitude of items. As a simple preservative it will work well on important forms or documents that will be handled by many individuals. It is also a very effective process to protect items that will be exposed to the elements such as notices on exterior doors, luggage tags, or equipment instruction sheets. For paper products that will be subject to a variety of forms of wear and tear, lamination is an excellent solution to provide longevity for those items.

The laminating process is typically done in a roll style machine. After the machine is warmed up to operating temperature, the items to be laminated are inserted and drawn in by the rollers inside the machine. The items will feed through at a sedate pace allowing the heat to penetrate the items and seal the lamination.

As mentioned, the pouch is usually pre-folded on one side creating a solid seal. The interior of the lamination film is treated with a special heat activated coating that will actually bond with the surface of the item being laminated. In the areas surrounding the item, the laminating film will seal with itself and can then be trimmed to remove any excess empty areas. The laminating pouches are available in a variety of weights that will apply depending on the use of the items being laminated. The more exposure, and the more potential wear and tear, the heavier the weight of laminate that should be used. An item that receives extensive use, such as an ID card, is an ideal item to use some of the heavy weight lamination products available.

For ease of use and effectiveness, laminator pouches are an excellent choice. With the choices of multiple widths, varying thickness and weight, there is a combination that will meet any laminating need. The machines are easy to work with and readily available. All this adds up to making lamination solutions simple and useful.