As internet denizens all across the U.S. fight against the proposed CISPA legislation and the unleashed powers that many agencies and corporations will get, there are those that are fighting for it that you might be surprised at, but not others. Many of the companies that support Cispa are internet tech companies like Facebook, Google, and others, but support coming from the internet security sectors was expected, after all, they will be making a mountain of money from it.

Both Sides Of The Fence

The U.S. Commerce Department is supposed to regulate the sales of different technologies to questionable countries. These companies, like Websense, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, and Sun Microsystems, sell their internet security devices and software to third parties, and claim that final destinations aren’t known, but as guilty as they are for the technology ending up in the wrong hands, they are just as guilty of creating systems for circumvention. The best VPN protocols as of 2012, are protocols and encryption algorithms that were created by many of these very same companies.

Censor developing companies

A Question Of Ethics, Or Perhaps A Conflict Of Interests

The Commerce Department cracked down on the companies supplying filtering and censoring tech to many of the dictators, but in most cases the companies couldn’t be held liable for the sales for one reason or another. But, one thing the Commerce Dept. didn’t look into was the companies that also develop censor and filtering circumvention technologies…as many of these are also owned, or a subsidiary of, one of these companies. Not only do they have the best filtering tech, they also creating the best VPN services and protocols for 2012.

The Best VPN's In 2012 - The Filter Developers, Maybe

Not all of the VPN companies and protocols are owned, or developed by the filter and censor developers, but some were. And one would think that if they bought one of these companies best VPN protocols in 2012, filter and censorship bypassing would be guaranteed…but this is a double edged sword. If a company develops both, VPN protocols and filtering technologies, then they know the best ways for filter circumvention and how to block it. It has been recently rumored that the Chinese are experimenting with blocking specific protocols, PPTP, (Microsoft,) and L2TP, (Cisco/Microsoft.) Also companies that are rumored to have supplied the Chinese with much of their censorship and surveillance technologies.

The Best VPN Protocols In 2012 - To Be Determined

You can bet that for this year, the best VPN for 2012, (in my books,) won’t be associated with one of these larger companies…OpenVPN is an open source protocol not bound by company directives, and it uses many encryption libraries and algorithms. SSL is easily available for all, but has been blocked or choked down by some censoring countries. As of this writing, OpenVPN, supplied by most of the best VPN services in 2012, still works well for the Great Firewall, and many others.