freelander stop start system


Saves gas. Saves money. Saves the environment. All without sacrificing luxury features and off-road performance for its class.


The start / stop system could be hard on the starter and some other mechanical parts. However, Land Rover has addressed this issue by significantly upgrading the design of the starter and flywheel components.
The 1 second delay in starting the motor could annoy some drag racing fans.

Full Review

British SUV maker Land Rover (now owned by Indian company Tata Motors) has started a new campaign to produce greener, more environmentally friendly vehicles. They call it their e-Terrain Technologies Program. For now, it consists primarily of the new Stop/Start system they have added to all diesel manual Freelander 2 models (badge = TD4_e). Land Rover claims this system reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 8% and also reduces fuel consumption by 12% in mixed urban and highway driving scenarios. A laudable improvement indeed!

How does it work? When you pull up to a stop light and press the clutch pedal, the Freelander automatically shuts off the engine provided it senses plenty of battery capacity to restart. Voila! Quiet vehicle - no engine noise and rumbling - you just hear the cars and trucks in the lanes adjacent to you, as well as the heater, radio, or any other electronic devices you are operating - they all continue to operate normally even though the engine is shut off. Should the car sense battery capacity becoming too low then it just restarts automatically.

Then, when the light turns green, you simply depress the clutch pedal, the engine starts automatically, and away you go. There is maybe a tiny one second delay for the engine to start up, but since the Freelander is an SUV and not a sports car, this should not be that noticeable to the driver.

A green econ light will light up when the system is activated, and the system can be overriden if you do not feel like being green that day. The starter and some flywheel parts have been upgraded and redesigned to handle the frequent restarting. For you, well you pretty much just drive, and the start/stop system just works automatically in the background.

In Closing

All in all, Land Rover's implementation of this Start/Stop Technology is a win for Land Rover, your pocket book, and the environment. My review: Wonderful - Five Stars. It is not easy being green in the luxury car world, but Land Rover has made a great step in the right direction with the new 2010 Land Rover Freelander. Keep it up Land Rover!