Have you watched the video of “The Man Who Saw Tomorrow?” Do you watch how those missiles were sent across continent from the Middle East to destroy America? The earthquake,    flooding and so many disasters?  Are they real? If actually those things are real, won’t CNN, FOX NEW and BBC announce it over and over as nothing can hide from their news items?   But what we can see as reality is how they are awarding those Hollywood actor and actress that were key actors in those film. Have you watched the action of the “SPIDER MAN?” and so many other famous actors? Are they real?

Are they not computer manipulated actions since computer can be programmed to perform magic on the television screen?  How you ever watched the 2012 disaster film where you can see Californian sinking into the dept of the ocean. Does California still exist? 

Now landing in the moon is not the bone of contention, but do actors still land on other planets? Have you watched   the movie “Star Treak”? and other space films? Do you agree that those actors do go to space as a computer manipulated game? Then what is so strange about to manipulate landing on the moon as a computer manipulated game? These are some of the facts to be deliberated upon. 

Fox News and BBC have come up with facts about some points of argument in respect of landing in the moon. “Conspiracy theorists believe they can prove the Moon landings were fake. Yet experts from NASA, and others who worked on the Moon landings, claim they can answer all the hoax accusations. Here are just some of the more popular arguments over the Apollo. Evidence…. There are many photographs of US flags on the Moon. In many shots, the flags appear to be waving. But there is no atmosphere on the Moon, so there is no breeze for a flag to flutter in” According to BBC  Report (2008). 

There is actually no air in the moon and the astronauts were wore gas masks as a source of air. How come about the flag that was waving in the moon? In another development Look carefully at the shadows in the Apollo photographs. Hoax believers point out that, when you have a single light source, very far away, (as the Sun appears on the Moon), shadows should all be parallel. They claim that shadows pointing in different directions are evidence of nearby or multiple light sources - as you would get in a film studio” according to BBC report (2008). An astronaut has this to defend.…….. their flags had horizontal poles across the top, which kept them extended. The flags were rippling because the poles had been twisted” according to BBC report (2008)

In another development, in as much as the moon   is above the earth, the stars too could be seen above the moon but such was not shown in the photograph of the astronomers. An astronaut has this to  defend “Photography experts point out that the Apollo photographs were taken during the lunar day, and lit by the Sun. The Moon has no atmosphere, so the sky still looks black, but there is plenty of light to take photographs. Therefore, the astronauts appeared brighter than the stars in the background. The stars are there, but just too dim to be seen” according to BBC Report (2008), 

Van Allen belt would have been very dangerous to the astronomers due to the fact that it kills. How did these astronomers escape from this dangerous zone and landed in the moon? Astronomer’s defender “Radiation from the Van Allen belt would kill any astronaut that spent enough time there. But the Apollo craft didn't spend long enough there for the astronauts to get a fatal dose. NASA point out that astronauts on the Space Shuttle still pass through this belt with no ill effects.” According to BBC report (2008).

These and many more are the arguments  surrounding “Landing on the moon” 

The U.S historic event of her Astronaut taking off from their space station, calculating the distance to the moon and landed and then return back to base was considered to be one of the most outstanding performances of the United States in Space technology. This developed competition among rivalry nations including the former Soviet Union. Some have make some attempt and even travel around the space and return to base but U.S has made her name as the first to set the space in the history of space technology.

Those Astronauts that landed on the moon returned with rock particles on which a research was carried out and it proved that it was  actually an objects from the Moon.

However, as the years pass always, critics come up with several point of argument debunking the great exploration even made by man in Space in which the U.S stands as the lead. Their presence in the moon was not seen as real but as hoax and lot of debate is going on to determines the true story of the matter.

 However in the quest for knowledge about our environment and in Space, the U.S citizens had made lot of sacrifice as heroes. Some years ago, U.S Space Rocket was blown off as it tokes off due to unidentified technical problem that emanated. Consequently, all the astronauts on board including a female perished. It was indeed a black day for the whole of America.  However, the journey to space does not stop and cannot be stopped by critics in as much as humans will continue to search for knowledge just as other scientists had made sacrifices by giving their lives in the process and we are leaning and developing from those theories which we enjoy today  including the law of gravity.