Design your own cozy cottage garden

The charm of a cottage garden is seen here at Annie's AnnualsCredit: Photo by Jane Gates

One of the more charming themes for a landscape design is the Cottage Garden. The feel you are aiming at is a comfortable, cozy effect. A cottage garden can be created in a lot of ways. Here are some ideas and elements you can include to get the best effects.

Like any garden, sketch out a basic design on a piece of paper. A good design will create the bones for any successful landscape design. Sketching your ideas out on paper first will help you make changes a lot easier on paper than later -- when you’ll have to do them on site.

Then figure out your planting. Choose cottage garden-style plants like hollyhocks, roses, daisies and other of the more romantic, old-fashioned type flowers. There are many bulbs that will fit in nicely with a cottage garden. Try ranunculous, anemome and even some of the traditional daffodil, grape hyacinth and tulip bulbs. Layout the design of your plants, bulbs or flowers in groups to help each kind of plant make a statement. Groups are best done in odd numbers to be most effective. You can have a mixed garden but don’t put too many different types of plants in a garden. Some repetition will create balance in the landscape design. And for a casual cottage garden look try to avoid making things too symmetrical or using many straight lines either in plantings or garden edgings.

Add décor. Some décor can even be practical – or practical structures in the garden can be made into décor. White is a good color to use in the cottage garden. Add a white trellis, a picket fence or accent an entry with a romantic archway. Another cottage garden effect can be had with wrought iron. Using a decorative wrought iron gate or other structure made of wrought iron can also help underscore the theme.

Put together some of these elements and you can design a charming cottage garden in your own landscape.