Choosing the right landscape garden edging for your raised garden bed is a fun chore. When you do not feel like digging, weeding, watering, or pruning just sit down and start looking at the pretty pictures.

If your back is stronger than your budget you can get away with no edging at all. You do not NEED to have a physical edge in your garden. You can just mound garden soil up to the depth you are wanting to plant in and if you freshen it up on occasion it will work fine.

When you are tired of fixing your no edge bed it is time for an investment. Edging can be as cheap and plain as some wood planks, just make sure they haven't been treated with anything poisonous if you are using them for vegetables. It can also be as expensive and fancy as you want. There is really no limit to the possibilities in your edging choices.

Do you want wood, concrete, metal, plastic, or stone? There is an edging material that will suit your needs.

Plastic would be the cheapest material, and some of the plastics are getting better looking. Plastic is flexible and light weight, easy to install and remove. If your muscles aren't cooperating plastic might be what you want if you can't afford to get someone to install it for you. You can get plastic edging in a wide variety of shapes and colors.

Wood has a few special needs it needs to be cut and assembled into a frame. You will need some form of support to keep it from falling apart. Those screw devices. Yup those are handy indeed. I'm not so crazy about wood, it's not the wood you see it is my ability with a saw and measuring tape.

Metal edging gives a modern sleek look to your home and lasts almost forever.

Concrete edging is heavy and durable, the concrete can be molded to mimic real stone or you can take the natural concrete look if you prefer that.

Real stone is the most expensive and may need to be professionally cut to fit your bed. It is also very attractive in the landscape. Depending on the size of the stones it may need to be delivered to you, if it has to be delivered to you it may be so large that you cannot install it yourself. Several tons of rock is really hard to pick up and maneuver.

I normally lean toward the concrete mock stone myself. I can do the installation on my own and like the way it looks and fits into my budget. What I like doesn't matter though we are doing your garden so you get to pick whichever you want. Except painted tractor tires, those are no longer allowed or the plastic flamingos will laugh at you.

Dang but I remember those tires, showing my age here, let us move on ok?

Alright we are getting somewhere we have our landscape garden edging and our addition soil. Next we get to assemble our raised bed.

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