Small Yard

The yard is the first area of your home that neighbors and visitors notice so you want it to look as good as it possibly can. While in most cases this takes a great deal of effort and plan that is especially true in the case of small yards. Because there is limited space available, you must take care during the planning process so you don’t run out of room. The goal when landscaping a small yard is to make it appear larger but if you make mistakes, it can easily seem small and cluttered. Here are some great landscape ideas that do wonders at making small yards seem larger.

Take Time To Plan

No matter what landscape ideas you want to include in your yard, small spaces need a great deal of planning. While you should plan for all landscaping projects, the lack of space in small yards makes it essential. That is because if you have multiple ideas but limited space to meet them, you will need to work hard and consider many options to meet your goals. When planning, make sure to consider every detail and if you are having problems, don’t be afraid to ask a professional for advice on what ideas will work best in your space.

Focal Point

Add A Focal Point To Your Landscape

As mentioned earlier, one of the problems with small yards is that they can easily look cluttered if you do not plan carefully. One of the easiest ways to avoid the area seeming cluttered is to add a focal point. This will draw the eye away from any other areas that are slightly crowded and in doing so, create a sense of organization. There are plenty of options for focal points from fountains to water features or sculptures. You can even place a special tree at the focal point; it all depends on what you want from your yard.

Small Accents

Once you have selected your focal point, you want to try to avoid using any other large objects as too many can overpower your space. Instead, try finding several small accent pieces that don’t take up a lot of room but can add beauty and design to your space. A good example is a small bird bath as this will not take up much room but can add beauty and attract wildlife to your space.

Stay Simple

When coming up with landscape ideas, many people will think of intricate plans that need a great deal of work and detail. The problem, however, is that while these can work in larger yards, they are not a good idea for smaller spaces. They will draw attention to many areas of your space, making it seem cluttered. Another thing to keep in mind is that curves will generally use more room than straight lines. In addition to that, straight lines and simple items will help make your space seem larger than it is.


Container Gardening Can Save Space

If you are completely open to landscape ideas for small yards, you should consider using container gardening instead of planting greenery directly in the ground. The advantage of container gardening is that you can put the plants where you want, including on walls to save room. When choosing your containers, be sure not to select ones that will take up too much room and opt for some sort of uniformity, such as the same color or same size, to tie all areas of your yard together.

Use Color

When used correctly, color is another great way to make even a small space seem large. If you don’t know how to use colors to your advantage and reading about it doesn’t seem to help, consider hiring a landscape designer. They have experience so they can help you use color to expand and organize your space. In general, they may offer two options. The first one would be to put bold, bright colors in the front of your yard to attract attention and allow the background items to fall into the distance, making the space seem larger. The other option is to place warm colors in the front and cooler ones in the back with the colors fading as you move farther back in your garden. Because of the change in shades, this is another way to make your yard seem larger.

Use All The Senses

Fountains Can Be Accents And Add Soothing Sounds

One good thing about landscaping is that not every element of it requires space. Try using lights, sound or motion as these won’t take up any room but can help make small yards seem bigger. Some examples would be outdoor lighting to create space or soothing sounds from a fountain.


Just because you aren’t able to work with the length and width of your yard doesn’t mean you can’t play with height. If you add different layers, such as raised plants, rock walls or trellises, this addition of height can help make your space feel larger. It is also a great way to fit more items into your small space without making it seem overcrowded. Just remember when adding layers that in small yards, less is more so be conservative with your additions.

Avoid Borders

Many people want to create a border around their yard to separate it from the areas around it. This might be for privacy or simply so everyone can visually see that the area is on your property, not your neighbor’s. If you have a small space, however, this is one of the worst landscape ideas as it will actually make your space seem much smaller. That is because a border, whether it is in the form of a fence or greenery, will confine the area and by doing so, make it seem smaller.


No landscape is complete without plants but you need to take extra care when selecting the right ones for a small space. Be sure to select greenery that will not overpower the space. Also pay attention to how large the roots will grow and if there is actually space for them in the garden. If you are unsure about which plants do well in small spaces, talk to a florist or landscape designer, or simply take a look online for ideas.