Introduction to Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting was once considered to be no an important aspect and thus, very little attention was put on it. As long as there was a front porch light or maybe a dim light or two along the pathway, would be sufficient. However, the trend for outdoor lighting has changed now, where people are demanding more than just some simple lighting aspects and designs. Outdoor lighting has evolved into something that makes the entire house look warm and relaxing. And this happens not only to the main garden but also include backyard gardens and swimming pool.

By employing innovative landscape lighting design and aspect, you can now create not only better texture but also additional rooms of your home. This is quite essential if you are the type of people who love to spend time in the garden at night. Your garden will surely looks fantastic and something that you will enjoy. Moreover, bringing your guests to visit your garden at night is something that you can be proud of.

Designing Your Garden Lighting

When designing your garden lighting, you first have to figure out how you want your home to look like after the sun has set. Ask yourself if you want to place more emphasizes toward the landscape itself or your house? Or perhaps both?

Everything that you have done to your garden landscape such as trees, landscapes texture, statuary, fountains, pool and flowerbeds will stand out with the right implementation of lighting: placement and lighting selection. For example, if you love to spend time relaxing in your garden, you can create a warmly feeling by installing the Sea Gull Lighting Fixtures there.

The structural designs of your home landscaping can also influence the way you are going to implement the lighting. If you have built an arbor in your garden perhaps you can try putting some up-lighting for good highlights.

Submersible lights are great to light up the water in your pond or pool; most pools would have these submersible lights put on when they are built. You can also create silhouettes of the trees or any features that you have put up against the house by placing the lights behind them.

All in all, by using the right colour or combination of colours you will be able to create the feeling that you desire and this is the point that employed by every landscape designer when trying to create the effect for their clients.

Landscape Ligthing Design

A Well Designed Garden Lighting Tips

Pay Attention to:

  1. A well lit house is always safer and better than a house that is not. By placing enough light to illuminate steps, pathways and driveways, accidents can be prevented when the day is getting darker. If you prefer not having the lights to lit up all the time particular on small paths, a motion detector light can be used. Motion detector lights are an excellent way to light up hidden areas where people walk by them. The photocells used in these devices can also be used to turn on the lights automatically at dusk and off at dawn. Both these features make the motion detector light a good security device, especially when no one is at home.
  2. One thing that you should always bear in mind is not to have your garden over light. If it is overly done, the effect that you get will far from being the ideal design that you aspire. To make it worst, it may even spoil the design of your landscape. It is best to use few types of different lighting and color to create the desire effect. So if you aren't sure about this, consult someone who expertise in this field.
  3. When you get around to your landscape lighting installation, you should always conceal the source of the light as best as you can. Any exposure of wiring works and fixtures will definitely spoil the whole garden design. To hide them, you can try your best to place them behind branches of trees, foliage plants and shrubs.
  4. Solar landscape lighting can be a very practical way to spice up your garden at night. You don't need a source of power supply for this and so you can just place it anywhere that you like without limitation. This is quite convenient particular when wiring works is impossible to implement without having to touch your present landscape work. One down side about using solar lighting system is that you must make sure that they receive enough of sun during the day or else they won't be able to provide the light during the night.


Overall, your landscape lighting ideas usually come from some of the areas of your garden that you are very proud of such as unusual plants, sculpted bushes, tall trees, a tropical flower garden, Koi pond, pool or fountain. There are always one or two or even more focal points that you can start developing your lighting ideas around. As mentioned before, these are the areas which you want to make them stand out and look stunning at night. With the right projection of lighting effects, you can create a lot of different 'feel' during the night.