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Our home is our sanctuary.
When the hustle and bustle of the urban world becomes unbearable, we seek and find refuge in our homes. Sometimes, even the mere mention of the word “home” triggers in us a flow of comforting thoughts and positive emotions; we immediately feel at ease and relaxed.  
Making our house look attractive is one thing, but creating a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere in our home is another. It can be a difficult feat, especially if your home is located in busy business districts here in San Diego.
We have compiled some tips to help you with this problem. Below are ways you can follow to make your home a place where your family can find peace and comfort.

Choose the right colors.

Choose the right colors.(89161)

Choose light shades of colors for your walls, but see to it that you accentuate it with bright and/or dark neutral colors.
Light colors are perfect for setting a calming atmosphere. Light shades of warm colors (yellows, reds and browns) create an intimate and cozy scene while the light shades of cool colors tend to evoke a relaxed and easy mood. Normally, light warm colors are used in the bedrooms, dining areas, sometimes in living rooms to make these areas appear more inviting.
However, it’s not advisable to rely solely on light colors as it can make your home look too bland and empty. Strike a balance by using bright and dark colors for accents and decors. It will bring contrast and life to your home.

Incorporate Nature in your home interior.

Incorporate Nature in your home interior.(89162)

Keeping in touch with nature is one way of calming ourselves. It’s advisable to place greens inside your home to make it refreshing for everyone’s eyes. It symbolizes life and capacity for growth. You can choose to add living plants and flowers on different areas of your home. There are also synthetic plants that can be used as an alternative, if you don’t want to bother about changing these plants every so often. For your lawns and roof turfs, there are synthetic grasses which you can buy from artificial grass suppliers in San Diego. A lot of homes here in downtown have been using these grasses as they are more cost-effective and low-maintenance than natural grasses.

Calm waters(89163)

You can also choose to install water curtains, wall aquariums, or indoor water fountains and streams. Like plants, water symbolizes life. It is associated with cleansing or purification of spirit. Placing and installing water curtains and aquariums in your home will put in a calming effect for your family and visitors.

Allow proper lighting

Allow proper lighting(89164)

If you want a peaceful home, make sure that it’s properly lighted. Dark rooms and poor lighting doesn’t do well will not invite happy and calming thoughts or disposition. If you are currently renovating your home and has enough budgets to spare, it is better to have your home installed with big windows and glass walls to maximize natural lighting. Aside from their aesthetical appeal, these materials are also cost-effective measures for saving up electricity. You can also opt to rearrange the furniture in your house to allow more light to come in. Spaces that receive proper amount of lighting makes your home appear bigger and thus less suffocating.

mellow lights

As much as little lighting is a problem, too much lighting can also take away the cozy feel of our home. Some people would want soft lights every now and then. Mellow lighting, or mood lighting, will have the effect of making an area or space appear intimate, cozy and very inviting. There are structural remedies that can bring you a softened lighting, and you can also use drapes, blinders and sheers as cost-effective alternatives. Installing yellow lights are also another option.

Sound proof your homes

Sound-proof your home(89166)

A noisy environment will not help to soothe one’s troubled spirit. If you want your home to have a therapeutic and relaxing atmosphere, make sure that you invest in materials that will block or minimize noise. Having padded walls, installing double-paned windows with heavy draperies will help to make sure that street noises won’t permeate your home. Avoid tiles and wood boards for flooring, as these are not sound-proofing materials. Instead of using those, you can try to get your floors carpeted, or install floating floors. These will keep annoying foot thumps and squeaky floors from distracting you and your family.

There are a lot of things you can do to make your house appear soothing for one’s senses. But remember that at the end of the day, a “home” will only become relaxing, and worth living-in, if the people inside it understand, respect, and take care of each other.