Landscaping is one of the best ways to enhance the look of the house. Aside from increasing the property’s value, a beautiful garden is simply a delight to come home to after a hard day at work. It is therefore important to find landscaping contractors in Oklahoma City that have the skills necessary to make your dream garden a reality. Excellent workmanship, rapid work pace, and reasonable rates are also desirable qualities. However, bad contractors can be found everywhere, including this city. These so-called cowboy contractors are the people who rip off their clients by taking more money than necessary then botching up the job they were paid to do. Stay clear of these scammers by brushing up on their modus operandi and using safety nets for protection.

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Get a Guarantee

By having the contractor sign a guarantee that the work will be finished according to specifications, on time, and will last for a certain number of years, you are legally binding him to a standard that he must aspire to, otherwise the company will be forced to pay for violations of the agreement.

Inquire from Several Sources

Never settle with the first contractor you meet, no matter how good the company seems to be or how low the rates are. Shop around for written quotes from at least three separate sources to have a better feel for the standard industry rates. Don’t accept verbal estimates. Have everything stated in black and white so that contractors can be made accountable.

Look Up Their Previous Works

It would be difficult to gauge the contractor’s quality of work unless you see samples with your own eyes. After all, much of landscaping boils down to aesthetics which can vary wildly. Ask them for referrals and see if you like the jobs they did for past clients. Legitimate contractors will be more than happy to provide addresses where you can check out their masterpieces. Cowboy contractors are likely to hesitate and give excuses as to why they can’t comply with the request.

Initiate the Deal

Most landscaping scams start out the same way. It was the cowboy contractor or his representatives who went to or phoned the client, offering his services at irresistible rates. This method of attracting clients is not typical of upright landscapers or builders. When confronted by such, be on your guard as they can be pretty smooth salesmen. Turn to a landscape contractor when you need to, not when you are bullied into hiring one. Initiate the deal so that you’re in full control of the situation.

Be Wary of Unrealistic Promises

Professional contractors, no matter how good, will need to prepare a number of things before they can start on the job. This includes the drafting layout, sourcing the materials, and ensuring that the plants to be used are available. These preliminary steps may delay the project for a while but they do ensure an efficient work flow once things get started. People who say they can begin right away are likely to mess up the job.

Do Background Checks

Look into the history of the landscaping companies. Find out if they are properly registered businesses and, if so, check their founding year. The more established ones have proven themselves time and again, while the startups are only just finding their footing. It’s up to you to assess the risks. See if they have incurred any records of complaint at the Better Business Bureau to avoid any surprises later on.

Ensure that everything is in order before dealing with any of the landscaping contractors in Oklahoma City. Follow the suggestion above to minimize risks. Even after careful selection of the best available contractor, get a written guarantee on their quality of work for your peace of mind.

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