When it comes to landscaping, you need to understand the principles of how everything works in order to see your backyard or garden beautifully landscaped.Having the right tools and supplies is just one part of it.Here are some basic principles you need to know when you are thinking of a new design for your backyard or garden.

The main factor you need to think about in a landscaping design is harmony.This can easily be done by grouping together garden elements that are alike, for instance lights, plants and garden decorations.You can also group together elements with the same sizes, colors, heights and textures to create a single design out of the groups of decors.

Balance is another important factor when it comes to landscaping design.When something is in balance it can be very beautiful and you can expect to get a great output of it.

Another common principle in most art and design is simplicity.This is the best principle you could follow when it comes to landscaping.All you need to do is choose simple elements like plants and some lights and simple decorations.

A beautiful garden needs colors, it brings life to everything you have in your garden.Yellow, red and orange flowers are perfect for a garden.If you like a more cool feeling, why not choose different blue and green colors.You will also need to include background colors like white and black because these are colors that best complement the bright colors.

Another factor is lines, you need to choose the line patterns where you will arrange your garden decors and plants because this will be the contour of your garden.

Any radical or abrupt changes in your landscaping design will not look good, so you will need natural transition.By this I mean that you should not plant a tall plant next to a small plant, a mid-sized plant should be planted in between them.

You need to have everything in proportion when planning your landscaping design.Organize all your garden elements in relation to the colors, types and sizes.Your garden will look properly planned and not like it was all mixed up.

These landscaping principles are not absolute, these are just some principles you need to think about. Creativity is always a good thing and you can add up a few things to these principles depending on what you like and prefer.