Have you noticed how the outdoor appearance of commercial buildings affects the first impression of clients, customers, or visitors of the company? Commercial landscaping is a vital part of the business along with the products and services that the company offers. If you have a commercial building, landscaping it in an attractive and inviting manner can have a powerful impact on your business. A well-maintained landscape can give an impression of how you manage your business.

A lot of companies- whether large or small organizations, hire a landscape contractor to help them in planning, designing, and maintaining the property that surrounds their buildings. Commercial landscaping can also impact the environment. For this reason, landscape contractors and business owners want to incorporate sustainable practices and materials can help minimize the usage of water and carbon emissions. If you are thinking of enhancing the outdoor appearance of your commercial building, here are some landscaping ideas that you can consider.

Pathways to Your Building

Entrances to your commercial building should be accessible, wide, easy to clean up during winter season, and it must be made from high-quality and sustainable materials. It must also be easily accessible for handicapped people. You can consider using common concrete for your pathways, or if you want to achieve a unique look, you can use unusual materials that can be attractive and environment friendly. Porous pavement is an example of an environment friendly pathway since it helps reduce the impact of fertilizers on waterways. You can also consider using repurposed brick to achieve a traditional look while promoting recycling.

Shrubs and Flowers

To make the outdoor appearance of your commercial building more attractive, you can add green shrubs and plants that will look attractive throughout the year. The foundation for your commercial landscape plantings can consist of evergreen shrubs, such as mugo, arbor vitae, and pine. These shrubs will not require too much maintenance, and it doesn't need constant watering thus it minimizes water usage. You can then accent the evergreen shrubs with easy-care seasonal flowering bushes like Rose of Sharon, Perennials, and Daylilies.

Outdoor Furniture and Accents

Adding seating areas and other decorative features for your commercial landscapes, such as water fountains can make your landscape look welcoming and refreshing. It can also help in improving employee morale and productivity. For instance, adding tables can provide a place for your employees where they can relax or have their lunch, while benches can serve as a resting area for visitors and clienteles. However, you must make sure that the materials used for the furniture and accents match the overall style of the commercial building.