Welcome Visitors

When it comes to landscaping ideas for the front door entrance, the goal for any home is to make the front door look friendly and inviting. The front door is a focal point of your home, especially for visitors and neighbors, and the perfect landscaping at the home's main entrance will make all the difference.

There are many ways to srpuce up the front door entrance. Here are the best bets to turn your doorway into an inviting and welcoming spot.

Soften the Entrance

One great way to add appeal to the area around the front door is to soften the area with plants. The doorway is full of hard surfaces like wood, metal, and cement, so adding plantings will make the area much warmer and more welcoming.

For homes with a landscaping bed nearby this is easily accomplished with some perennials or shrubs near the entrance. Go for a mix of colors as well by adding some warm colors like red, purple or burgundy plants. This will hide some of the hard surfaces when a visitor is approaching and add blooms or leaf color as well.

To soften a cement surface near the door, potted plants work well. To create a formal symmetry to the area install matching plants on either side of the door. For a more natural feel a trio of plants at different heights will add interest and beautify the area.

Go Vertical

One often overlooked way to add color and interest to the front of a home is to add color at eye level. This becomes noticeable to visitors an also adds tremendous curb appeal to your home.

For example, adding a small tree like a crabapple or cherry tree near the entrance or near the walk will offer leaf color, spring blooms, and an interesting growth habit without getting too big.

Perhaps the best way to add plants at eye level near the door is to install hanging baskets neaby. These look right at home in the front of a home and bring the color from the ground up to a person's eyes and nose, where the sights and smells of the flowers will be even more enjoyable.

Enhance the Walk

Another terrific way to make your front entrance welcoming is to add plantings to the walk that leads to the doorway.

For a traditional approach line either side of the walk with colorful classic annuals that will offer cheery blooms all summer. A single variety makes a striking statement and makes a visitor want to follow the path to your door. Another option is to alternate 2 plants to create interest.

Shrubs will work as well but will create a more formal path that is not as warm as a path lined with flowers. Other enhancements would be a short white picket fence to separate the flower beds from the grass.

Other Options

Here are some other ideas that are not exactly plants but fitting for a front door nonetheless.

Hanging an item on the door itself will invite guests to enter. Items like an artificial bouquet, a wreath, or even a friendly welcome sign will all do well to enhance the door.

Adding an attractive outdoor rug at the door not only gives guests a place to wipe their feet but is a welcoming sign. You can have fun with the rug and make it a colorful statement or it may even include your last name or a welcoming message.

There is little more inviting near a front door than a small table and chairs, such as a bistro set or Adirondack chair. These items make it feel that the area is for relaxing and visiting which are both welcoming emotions.

Spruce Up Your Entrance

Whether you add plants on your door stoop, hang flowers from a basket, line the walk with color, or add a rug or other accessory to your entry area, these landscaping ideas for the front door entrance will make your home a more inviting place.