Malaysia is a place for spending holidays in relaxed mood. Many places in Malaysia has come up recently in the travelers destination list. Island lovers are raving about Langkawi now a day to spend their holidays.

Where is Langkawi?

Langkawi is in Kedah, Malaysia. It is situated at the border of Thailand. Phuket is the nearest island of Thailand. By air, it takes about one hour from Kualalumpur. Langkawi is a five hours drive from Kualalumpur to Kedah and then one hour ferry transfer to Langkawi.

Where to stay in Langkawi

Langkawi is an excellent place for the tourist not only for relaxes but also for adventure, sports and sightseeing. So, it is very easy to find a place to stay in Langkawi. Numerous choices of hotels and resorts can be found all over the city. In Langkawi, there are some home stays offered by the local people which are also a great place to stay as well as melt with the local culture.

Famous areas to stay in Langkawi-

Pantai Cenag – This area is full of tourists and very famous to tourists. Ranging from budget to luxury hotels and resorts are located here. Most of the hotels and resorts in Pantai Cenag are adjacent to the Cenang beach. Beach is accessible from the room balcony directly. This is the most amazing part of Pantai Cenag.

Resorts by the Cenang beach

Kuah – This place can be called city center also. The ferries from Kedah anchor in Kuah jetty in Langkawi. So, this place is also famous for staying. Kauh is the best area to get car/bike rental to travel within Langkawi. Travelers can hire car or bike in Langkawi with their local driving license. Many shopping malls and duty free shops are located in Kuah. For these reasons, Kuah is another famous area to stay in Langkawi.         
Padang Matsirat – This area is near to the Langkawi Airport. Many of the franchise 5star hotels can be found in this area such as Sheraton. Although this area is a bit far from the buzzing area of Langkawi but pleasant stays can be made in this area.

Langkawi Attractions

Langkawi is a place of many attractions for the travelers to spend their holiday in full of fun and pleasure.  
1)    Oriental village, Sky Bridge and Langkawi cable car – Sky Bridge is a wonderful place to visit in Langkawi. It should be reached through the Langkawi cable car. The cable car is also a wonderful 10-20 minutes journey. There are two cable car stations need to pass to get to the Sky Bridge. Sky Bridge is a 125 meter high metal suspension bridge that connects Machicang mountain range. At the foot of the hill, Langkawi Oriental village is located. The oriental village is designed as the model of traditional Malay village. This compound is packed with souvenir shops and restaurants of different cuisine like Malay, Chinese, Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines.  
2)    Underwater world Langkawi – This is also a must visit place in Langkawi. Thousand of underwater creatures are exhibited here in aquariums. This is also Malaysia’s largest breeding place for the rock hopper penguins. Children and students are encouraged to visit this place to enrich their knowledge about marine life.   
3)    Eagle square

Eagle square at the evening

Eagle square is a magnificent landmark in Langkawi. Eagle square is a place where a statue of a giant eagle posed for flight is placed. This is the icon of Langkawi. Kuah jetty is nearby to this place and also a place of interest in Langkawi.