Large and furry, lean and muscly, or small and jumpy, dogs are as varied as they come. Mixed breed or pedigree, there is one luxury hotel in Vancouver that always welcomes guests and their traveling hounds. 

Tall and majestic, The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver is never short on style. For somewhere luxurious to stay on your next vacation, here is a heritage hotel you and your pet will want to stay for

Entrance canopy at the luxury Hotel Vancouver (now the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver), Vancouver, BC in CanadaCredit: Joe Mabel / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0 license

Hotel of Luxury

Staying at The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver in BC, Canada is an opulent experience that is impossible to forget. With a timeless facade of gargoyles and a towering roof line, the hotel carries the weight of an old city that is burgeoning on the new. 

Nicknamed the ‘castle of the city’, Hotel Vancouver revels in its reputation as one of Vancouver’s most adored hotels, and is an exceptional venue for weddings and conferences. Iconic and historic, the hotel took almost 12 years to build and reached completion in 1939. 

Conveniently located in downtown Vancouver on 900 West Georgia Street, the hotel is adjacent to the Vancouver Art Gallery and just minutes away from Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art on Hornby Street, plus high fashion shopping on Robson Street.

Mavis and Beau - canine ambassadors at luxury Hotel Vancouver (now The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver), BC.Credit: Screenshot from promotional 'Meet the K9 Concierges' video clip by Fairmont Hotel & Resorts on YouTube

Pets Are People Too!

If you are a lover of luxury, art and ornate design, there is no other place you will want to stay. With an atrium of inlaid marble and intricate gold ceilings, there are few places so inviting or sophisticated as the reception you'll find waiting at Hotel Vancouver. There may even be a pair of friendly golden retrievers – Beau and Mavis – on hand to greet you. Officially employed as 'K9 Ambassadors’, they are part of the hotel's Pets are People too! program.

The hotel offers pet goodies that your pooch will be happy to indulge in, including a welcome mat, pet dish, dog toy, an informative sheet highlighting pet activities and a few welcome treats. A cushioned pet bed will also be provided for them to sit, sleep and relax on.

No matter how long you choose to stay at the hotel, you can be sure that your dog will be ‘treated’ well. There is a healthy pet menu that includes offerings such as beef granola bars, turkey and spinach ‘paw-stickers’ and cranberry and venison pepperoni – all lovingly made with organic ingredients.

Lounge at the luxury Fairmont Hotel Vancouver in the city of Vancouver, BCCredit: Joe Mabel / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0 license

Elegant Dining

And for humans, treat yourself at the hotel's prominent and well-respected restaurant situated on ground floor. Providing guests with an exquisite dining experience, Griffins is a bistro that offers a plentiful menu in elegant surroundings.

The restaurant’s furniture and fixtures, high windows and decadent-patterned carpets are to be appreciated in the midst of dinner, high tea or brunch – either alone, with a spouse, friend, family or intimate social gathering.

As a brasserie serving meals with Pacific Northwest influence, you can expect dining at Griffins to be its finest in the city of Vancouver, BC. Cocktails may also be enjoyed in the 900 West Lounge where there is live jazz entertainment on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. 

Whether you opt for in-room dining or have someone minding your dog in your room, retire to one of the hotel's smartly upholstered armchairs. There is nowhere else for you to be than enjoying time out at The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver.

Video Clip: Meet the K9 Concierge


Note: Your dog must be supervised when staying at the hotel and not left alone in your room. Dog accommodation costs $25 Canadian dollars per day. Seeing Eye dogs stay free of charge. Cats are also welcome.

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