The Four Seasons in Lapland

Lapland is a region in the Nordic countries of Sweden, Finland, Norway and parts of Russia’s Kola Peninsula. The region of Lapland is of great beauty and this makes it an ideal location for holiday get a ways, especially if you like an adventure and lots of beautiful scenery. The main attraction which brings millions in on Santa Flights each year is that Lapland is said to be the home of Santa Claus, and because of this tradition many people flock to the region every year in search of a perfect Christmas, and these people are certainly rewarded as not only does Santa Claus live in the region, there are also many other activities such as skiing, hiking, fishing and much, much more.

Lapland gives a great experience whichever season you decided to travel there in, with the winters being long and snowy and the summers being warm. The four seasons are very distinct and therefore offer a variety of beauty. They are also all very beautiful, which you can see by looking at some of our Lapland Pictures. If you would like to learn more about the seasons in Lapland, then please look below.

Characteristics of a Lapland Winter

Winter in Lapland normally begins in October and lasts for a staggering 200 days, making it the longest season in the region. Compared to the rest of Finland and the other Nordic countries winter normally starts about a month ahead of them and therefore it makes this part of the world very different even compared to its neighbouring regions and countries. During this time the temperatures can fall to a very cold -50c, meaning that if you are planning on going on a Santa Holiday here, then be sure to wrap up! Lapland also offers another unique sight during these cold, dark months though. The Northern Lights can normally be seen during this time of year, if you haven’t heard of the Northern Lights before, then they are a colourful phenomenon in the skies which will amaze you with their beauty. When winter hits the region of Lapland, then so does the snow, which can fall continuously for many weeks and this means that near the end of the snow fall season then the ground will have a very thick snow overlay.

As Lapland is in the Arctic Circle there is a unique experience to be had in the winter time. This is because for much of the winter the sun doesn’t even rise above the horizon, and therefore the days are spend in a twilight, which can produce not only some beautiful sights, but also some truly breath taking scenery.

Even tough it would seem like this time of year would be a time to stay inside and stay warm, it defiantly isn’t. Lapland offers some great experiences to be had during the winter. One of the main attractions we recommend is having a go in one of the ice pools; they offer a great sensation and therefore can really get you going. After this why not go for a spot of snowboarding or skiing? Or maybe do a cross-country ski for a bit more relaxing activity. If you would like something a bit more thrilling and something you can quickly see all of the scenery with, then why not try out a trip with some husky dogs? Or on a snowmobile, which can be the best way to get around this snow covered land.

Lapland and Finland Winters
Credit: edweerdt

Characteristics of a Lapland Spring

Spring is one of the most popular times in Lapland, the lakes are still frozen and snow is still around the whole of the region. This makes it a great time for people wanting to visit Lapland in a time which isn’t as dark or cold as the winter. As well as this it is a great time for people who would like to do activities in warmer conditions.

There aren’t as many activities at this time of the year, but there are still things to do, and this makes it an ideal time to go to Lapland. As there is still snow around then it is a great time to go cross-country skiing, especially as it is a lot warmer than in the winter, making it a lot more pleasant at times. You will also be able to see the beautiful spring sun breaking through the ski. As well as this it is a great time to go hiking, as with the cross-country skiing, it means there is a lot to see with the sun slowly coming out for the summer months.

If you are more interested in seeing rather than doing, then you should check out the nature Lapland has to offer. As the light is starting to come back into this region then so are the animals. Finally, if you want a nice relaxing time next to some of the amazing rivers and lakes, then why not take part in some fishing? It may not be the ice fishing you get in the winter, but instead you get to fish in a wilderness which is coming back to life.

Lapland and Finland Spring
Credit: Antti Merivirta

Characteristics of a Lapland Summer

Summers in Lapland come alive with nature and glory. The grass, birch and barley all grow very quickly and come alive with lots of energy. What is even more special about the summer in Lapland is the fact that some days never end, the sun never sets and this means that you can experience the beauty all day and night long, without any interruptions.

During this season the rives and lakes come alive again, allowing visitors to the beauty of the land by going down the rivers in canoes. Wanting more of an exciting time? Then why not take on some of the rapids on offer in Lapland by going white water rafting? There is so much on offer during this time of the year you’ll have to even have action packed days, or come for a proper stay of a week or more.

Lapland in the summer is known for being great place for scenery lovers and adventurists alike, this is because there are so many activities on offer. As well as the mentioned above, there is also cycling, Nordic walking and fishing which can be enjoyed. If you are more of the scenery lover type, then why not try out some golf, nature watching or if you really want to see something spectacular then watch the nightless night!

Lapland and Finland Summer
Credit: Dennis Jarvis

Characteristics of a Lapland Autumns

The summer is starting to end and the days are getting shorter, meaning that it’s another great time of change in Lapland, leading to even more beauty and scenery which cannot be matched anywhere else in the world. As well as the shorter days, more rain starts to fall and this means that the lakes and rivers start to fill up again.

The vibrant autumnal period, named Ruska, gets better day by day, with the nights get much cooler and the days getting shorter. Plants are starting to get ready for the winter months, as well as the vibrant colours start to come out. Birch turns to gentle shades of yellow, whilst the aspen turns red and the leaves of the blueberry and bog bilberry shrubs turn bright red. This will be mesmerising, so if you do go on the autumn make sure you take everything in.

This creates an ideal time for people who love to fish, as there is even more beauty to be seen around the rivers and lakes. As well as this it is a great time to go nature watching, as the animals are starting to prepare for the winter season. This can also be seen by going on hiking tours and outdoor pursuits.

If you want something more relaxing to do, then why don’t you play a game of golf? Or go for a bit of hunting in the amazing countryside, where you can also pick some berries and mushrooms if the mood takes you.

Lapland Autumn
Credit: Jumilla