Laptops have gained huge popularity as they are compact and convenient to carry around. This electronic device can be easily folded and placed in a bag. There are wide array of laptop bags available that provide full protection to the electronic gadget. It comes in different sizes, designs, and colors to suit varied preferences. The bags are made using various types of materials like leather, aluminum, neoprene fabric etc. In addition, few models comprise of features like wheels, hard shell cases, extra pockets to store accessories, foam or cushioned padding, padded straps to carry the bag on the shoulder etc.

Laptop bags are sold in different forms. Backpacks are a popular choice among travelers, office-goers and students. The bag is ergonomically designed and does not strain the back or neck much. These bags are spacious and have security belts or ties in the interiors to firmly hold the laptop. The other widely used is briefcase types which give a business or professional look. Under this category, there is leather laptop bag or vinyl bags which include separate compartments and handles or shoulder strap to hold the bag. These bag types are considered ideal laptop bags for women who are professionally employed or involved in the business sector.
Similarly, there are messenger bags which come with two straps. One strap can be placed around the chest while the other is connected to the main strap to hold the bag in a more safe and secured manner. The other commonly used bag is laptop sleeves in which one or two documents can only be carried along with the laptop. This bag when compared to a regular notebook bag includes additional casing or sheath casing to protect a laptop.

Popular Models:
Targus 17 laptop bag - This deluxe platinum bag is designed to protect laptops with 17 inch wide screen. It features a unique style and includes padded compartments to safely keep the laptop especially during travel. In addition the bag has other storage areas and flap pocket to place business cards, passport, pens, keys etc. Further, the bag has a luggage strap which can be conveniently attached to a rolling language.
Belkin messenger bag – The bag comes with a plush fabric that aids to keep the notebook scratch free and well protected. It has inbuilt compartments and pouches to place MP3 players, power cods and other accessories.
Case Logic slim line bag – This a perfect choice for any laptop sizes. It includes interior sleeves to place newspapers, files, documents etc. Besides, it has compartments and a speed pocket to securely store any valuable products.
Regardless of the wide choice available, it would be ideal to choose high quality laptop bags that are affordable, handy and durable to use.