Ladies' notebook carrying cases are very diverse and you can find tons of small and large laptop bags for women in a variety of styles. There are leather, designer and rolling notebook cases, as well as a bunch of other fashionable, trendy, stylish, funky and cute carriers. Laptop bags for women can not only come in a wide range of sizes and styles, but the designs can vary a lot, too -- moreso than mens notebook carriers. You can choose from the traditional messenger satchels, briefcases and clutches, and then there are the hard notebook carrying cases in addition to sleeves, portfolios, totes, couriers, backpacks and even purse-style carriers for mini notebooks and netbooks. With so many types of laptop bags for women to pick between, it can be quite an enjoyable shopping experience. However, you might have trouble deciding which notebook carrying cases are actually worth buying...

Laptop Bags for Women

Best Laptop Bags for Women Reviews

  • Mobile Edge - This brand is recognized by many as one of the best when it comes to ladies' notebook carrying cases, satchels, totes, sleeves, briefcases, clutches and backpacks. They don't only focus on laptop bags for women, however, as they also have a full line of stylish messengers, carriers, sleeves and other types of notebook carrying cases for men. Mobile Edge provides a lifetime warranty on all of their products and they have a massive range of styles and designs to choose from.
  • Kailo Chic - Here is a company that focuses all their attention of the ladies. They have a wide variety of large laptop bags for women as well as small and medium sized totes and clutches. Kailo Chic is a pretty popular company and they also sell jewelry and other accessories for girls. They specialize in "boutique" styles and modern designs and you can buy Kailo Chic designer laptop bags for women from common retailers like Office Max and Staples. For a full list of retailers, you can check out their website where you can also get some gift certificates or buy wholesale.
  • Sumdex She Rules - This brand is recognized for having stylish and fashionable laptop bags for women and men, but the She Rules line is all about the girls. Sumdex She Rules produces a vast array of notebook carrying cases that are simple in design, yet elegant and attractive at the same time. They're not as gawdy as some of the other backpacks, briefcases, sleeves and clutches that many other companies make, and they have dozens of trendy and cute, cheap laptop bags for women on sale.

Large Laptop Bags for Women

Whether you have a standard 17" portable computer or even a smaller, more lightweight 15" notebook, sometimes you just need a big carrying case to hold other things like your battery charger or maybe books for school as well. Whatever your reasoning is for wanting larger laptop bags for women, there are dozens of 17" notebook carrying cases for sale and they all have different features and storage space. Here are five of the best ones to look for:

  • Mango Tango 17" Quilted Faux Suede Totes
  • Sumdex She Rules 17" Briefs
  • Dakine Liberty 17" Clutch
  • Sumdex Decode Seattle Series
  • Clark & Mayfield Rosemont XL 17" Tote

Leather Laptop Bags for Women

The best notebook carrying cases are usually made from this durable material, and one thing you'll notice is that the prices often reflect the quality. Just about every major brand name manufactures at least a couple of leather laptop bags for women, and just like with any other material, they can come in several unique styles, sizes and designs. You can buy briefcases, clutches, couriers, backpacks, sleeves and portfolios made from quality hide, nubuck or suede, including the following popular models:

  • Franklin Covey 14.1" Tote
  • McKlein Red Rive Italian
  • Le Donne Columbian Brief
  • Piel Multi-Pocket Tote
  • Siamond Monterosso Emanuele Chocolate Italian Tote

Designer Laptop Bags for Women

If you desire a more sleek, stylish and chic notebook carrying case, then there are an ample amount of options for you to choose from. There is a vast array of designer laptop bags for women available these days because most ladies have a strong taste in fashion and want something more than just a plain, solid, boring color or pattern to sport their mini computer in. Here are some really cute carriers for you to consider:

  • Nunzia Tuscany Pink/Green/Tan/Red Carriers
  • Kerri Mack ANGIE-BK
  • Kailo Chic Pleated Tote
  • Elif Rutherford Carriers
  • Mobile Edge MEGNOS

Wheeled or Rolling Laptop Bags for Women

In terms of convenience, wheeled notebook carrying cases are what you want. These are perfect for you business travelers as they allow you to easily transport your mini computer as well as all your accessories like battery chargers, files and other folders you may use for business. Their ability to hold more than just your notebook computer is what makes them quite popular, and these are some of the best rolling laptop bags for women:

  • McKlein Willowbrook Wheeled Notebook Case
  • McKlein LA Grange Vertical Wheeled Briefcase
  • Siamond Novembre Wheeled Briefcase
  • Dakine Ramona Wheeled Carry-On
  • Siamond San Martino Wheeled Briefcase

As you can see, there are so many good laptop bags for women out there, so have fun shopping!