Having a problem choosing the best way to carry your laptop around? No problem! I am here today to help you pick the best option for you and your little buddy! Laptops are very sensitive devices and are in need of utmost care. Selecting the way you bring it around with you is important if you want to get the laptop's maximum lifetime.

The first thing you need to consider is the size of your laptop. This would be really helpful especially if you would not be bringing along your laptop when purchasing a case for it. Also, always opt for the ones that have waterproofing features. You may need to add a few more bucks but hey…a replacement laptop would cost more. You may also want to take into account, the material the carrying case is made up of. The most popular forms of laptop cases are messenger bags, sleeves and backpacks. Let me talk about them in detail.

Messenger bags

These are the ones with shoulder slings and hangs down at your side. Most of them have a handle so you could also carry it like a briefcase. Usually, they are made of nylon or leather but a number of other materials are also being used. Compartments are often accessed by either zippers or Velcro. It is easy to carry around and most have ample room for other devices such as external hard drives and cooling fans.

If you want to be hip and cool this may be the right way to go. Most students and yuppies sport this not because only for its functionality but for style. They come in all shapes, colors and sizes and I would be surprised if you cannot find one that would be just right for you. I recommend that you get one of these for your laptop if you usually bring them to the office or school.


What school kid didn't have one of these? Backpacks have been in use for so long yet its popularity never died down. I think that it's due to its storage capacity. Because of the size it has, there is room for a lot of compartments. Most of these are made of nylon or canvas. It is available in all sorts of styles and colors.

Do you travel a lot? If yes, a backpack might be your new best friend! This is the best choice for travelers because it's pretty easy to carry around. It can hold not only your laptop and its accessories but also some other things like your notebooks, a camera, your lunch and a shirt or two. It's pretty much your whole workspace in one convenient package.


Designed to protect your laptop from dings and scratches, laptop sleeves are definite must-haves. Neoprene is a favorite material for this kind of carrying case because of its waterproofing capabilities. Laptop sleeves are also padded for increased protection. Many of these lack compartments but are significantly lighter.

It is best used if you already have some sort of carrying case (i.e. messenger bags and backpacks) or indoors. The only time that I can recommend that you use this as a standalone is when you carry your laptop around a small place like your office, home or school.

I want to share a principle I practice when buying anything: "Buy not only the best, but also what is best for you". Sure, you may have bought the best and most expensive laptop messenger bag, but if you mostly use your laptop indoors, you would not fully utilize the features of the messenger bag and for me that is money not well spent. I hope I have helped you decide on what to get for your gizmo.

To wrap things up, whatever you decide to get yourself please do a good a research on each item that you are planning to buy. Be it a messenger bag, a backpack or a sleeve choose what is right for you and get one now.