Your laptop mousepad not working? There are various possible reasons, though the most common reason is drinks spilled on it.


If your laptop users drink while typing then the laptop mousepad is almost certainly not working because someone spilt coffee onto it, though they might not own up to it.

What Can You Do When Your Laptop Mousepad Is Not Working?

You have three options:

Buy a new laptop

Have the non-functional mousepad replaced

Buy a replacement pointing device


The solution you choose depends on several factors including the laptop's original cost, the cost of replacing it and how you use it.


Replacement of the non-functional mousepad and keyboad will cost you about $400. If your laptop is brand new and cost over $1,000 then this option is a sensible one to follow. If your laptop is a year old and a standard mid-range model then you would be better advised to buy a new laptop, especially when you have no idea what other damage has been done to hidden electronic components.


You will still be able to connect a mouse and keyboard to your laptop computer and use it as a desktop, but you will have lost the portability that attracted you to a laptop in the first place.

What Are the Options to Replace a Laptop Mousepad That Is Not Working?

If the keyboard still works then you can retain a portable computing option by buying a USB pointing device.


You need to choose between a mouse and a trackball.


If you are using the laptop where space is limited then using a mouse is difficult, even a wireless optical mouse needs space to move.


You may have never considered a trackball as an alternative to a mouse, but when your choice is between a $30 trackball and a $400 new laptop perhaps it is time to examine all the options.


A trackball has lots of advantages over any mouse. The biggest advantage in terms of using in a cramped space with a laptop is that it is static; you never need to move the trackball, it just sits there on the arm of your chair and you roll the ball with your finger to make the cursor move. A wireless trackball is even better, but remember you will still have a dongle radio receiver stuck into a USB socket and the dongle is easily damaged.


Most people who give a trackball a fair chance would never go back to a mouse. The trackball is much more comfortable to use. If you are using a mouse for a long time you will develop tendonitis along the inside of your forearms. This is Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). Switching to a trackball removes the strain on these tendons and the symptoms of RSI usually disappear.


It does take a day to become used to using a trackball, but that is hardly surprising when you have been using a mouse for years.


Try out trackballs from the various makers, if you can. To make a realistic assessment of how comfortable the different ones are you would need to sit at a desk with the trackball.