In the old times, people have confined children to only have fully developed motor skills, especially efficient eye and hand coordination, by the time she reaches grade two or three.

As it turns out today, more and more children, most of them younger and younger by age, have demonstrated efficient hand and eye coordination as we see them efficiently working with computers which demand such.

Conversely, some adults seem to show that the computer age is not always compatible with them especially in terms of utilizing the built-in laptop touchpad of their precious gadgets.

The use of the laptop touchpad is actually just very similar to how you would operate a mouse. The touchpad is the area for you to dab your finger and move the cursor within the screen until you hit the spot you intend to.

For most computers, the left touchpad button is used to execute the command. A quick double-click to this left button is similar to the effect of the double-click function we usually execute with a desktop PC mouse.

Similarly, the right touchpad button operates in the way a regular mouse does. When pointed over an item, the right button would display the menu or possible tasks to be done.

Otherwise, the more simple way to do it is just to tap your finger quickly, twice, when you are to execute a command using the touchpad.

For you to be able to work well with your touchpad, do start by setting the sensitivity and the control of your keypad in your laptop settings.

There are "simulated tests" you can work on to adjust and customize your laptop's sensitivity and movement depending on your settings.

Finally, try a little tenderness when using your laptop touchpad. Cut nails are most advisable when you use the touchpad, so as to avoid abrasion. But if not possible, non-rushed and gentle but firm clicks or taps should do when using the very sensitive touchpad.

Most importantly, care for it by sparing it from any drop of liquid. The slightest drop of substance may greatly affect the functionality of this part.

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