“Size Doesn’t Matter”, or does it? It does! Especially when it comes to your hardware! Erm, or your machine, I mean. First, there was the Laptop, and all of us were in awe! So mobile! So versatile! So useful! So heavy! Heavy? Err, that’s no good.

Behold! The laptop’s little brother, the Netbook! But, then again, which one to chose? And what are the differences between these machines? What to look for when buying a Netbook or a Laptop? Find out…in the lines below!

Laptop vs Netbook


Laptops are incredibly versatile: you can use them almost for anything! (They don’t make coffee, thou) You can burn and watch DVDs, play games or listen to your favorite music, watch TV, or even help you with research, keeping in touch with friends, writing that novel that you always said you’d start. 

Average screen size is between 13 and 18 inches, so you get pretty nice visuals. The keyboard is full size, so you can type with ease, perfect for people that need to write a lot of stuff, such as students, translators, or even web editors! If you want to buy a laptop for design work or playing games, it would be wise to go for one with dedicated graphics.


  • Screen’s larger than a Netbook’s!
  • It offers more power
  • Keyboard is full size!
  • It has a DVD drive


  • Heavier and larger for that matter
  • It has a shorter battery life


Netbooks were designed to be lightweight, small machines used for general day to day activities. They usually have a screen between 7 and 13 inches and weigh no more than one kilogram. Due to their smaller screens, Netbooks usually have a longer battery life, some models offer even ten hours of runtime! Longer battery life makes it perfect for longer activities at the office or college, or even in the library. netbooks are a bit limited when it comes to power, in comparison to their older brothers, but they carry out basic tasks without any problems, such as surfing the internet or using programs from the Microsoft Office suite. 

The keyboard could be a bit too small for some people and netbooks can’t have a DVD Drive integrated into their system. 


  • Lightweight and small
  • Longer battery life 
  • Perfect for students or travelers!


  • The keyboard can be too small for some users
  • It doesn’t have enough power for watching movies or gaming
  • It has no DVD Drive, so you’ll have to carry a memory stick around with you everywhere

So, no matter which one you chose, be it Netbook or Laptop, be sure to have some pros and cons to come along with it! In the end, it all comes down do you and your lifestyle!