Computers have always been seen as useful portable gadgets for students, professionals, housewives and even children. Laptop manufacturing companies are doing quite well in devising such reliable and portable computers, which now are more popular than desktops. Laptops can be used just about anywhere and they are easy to carry around without much trouble due to too many wiring and huge parts. Although they are relatively more expensive than PCs, they are really worth every penny.

A notebook is a kind of a personal computer, which is specially designed for convenient mobile use. This electronic gadget is lightweight and small enough to fit on a person's lap; making it a portable device to be used conveniently at home and outdoors. Laptop integrates the most important parts of a computer, such as display, keyboard, and central processing unit (CPU); all these plus a reliable cadmium or lithium ion battery. Such battery is a particular computer part that stores enough electricity to run a laptop for about 3-5 hours depending on the specification and power of a computer configuration.

Buying both used laptops and new notebook computers has its advantages and disadvantages. Pros and cons must be considered with every purchase, because they help a lot in proper decision-making. Actually, sometimes if you want to buy laptops under 300 the best option at first seems to be the brand new ones. Of course it is totally up to you. Nonetheless, as I've mentioned, you will have to consider the both the advantages and disadvantages of new and used laptops. This article will help you decide which computer will suit you, and most importantly suit your budget.

The first step is to search in a laptop section or a web site that has good reputation. Your notebook should have an acceptable price and computing reliability. Many people are usually trapped in the discovery of the cheapest laptop around, but sometimes they tend to forget to look for quality. Getting a cheap laptop is good, of course, but the money wasted if ever the equipment fails in a couple of weeks, is not worthwhile.

What is a good in purchasing a brand new laptop at low cost is that you will be the first owner. Regardless of where you buy, you are ensured that there are no hidden damages because nobody used it; thus you are sure that the machine works. Some of the cheapest laptops offered in the online market are the following:

Samsung NC10Apple iBook G3

Apple iBook G3 Dell Latitude C640 Samsung NC10

Dell Latitude D600

Dell Latitude D600 Compaq EVO N610C

When you are planning to buy a new cheap laptop, another advantage is that the battery is in good condition. The battery will just be used for testing, which means that it is in its best condition before use. Most of the batteries of a cheap laptop will only last about 3 hours straight, and you usually have to pay more for longer-lasting batteries (6-cell).

Another good thing about buying a new laptop at a more affordable price is that it comes with a warranty. This is quite appealing to most buyers. This is because sometimes things happen to gadgets unexpectedly; and without a warranty, you may find it as a useless investment. Even if it could be repaired, service repairs are actually more expensive, sometimes more expensive than the equipment itself. Therefore, the purchase of new computers makes sense if you consider the best warranty of the product brand.

On the other hand, expensive laptops are often associated with style and elegance. As for expensive electronic devices, high cost means high quality, high class and reputable components and materials. Most specifically when looking for the best laptops for sale, consumers are now very concerned about the quality among the latest products of computer technology.

In general, if you are looking for a laptop that comes bundled with acceptable battery life and ensures a longer life expectancy than others, while at the same time allows you to save money, then you may want to buy an affordable and good brand new laptop computer. With this, you have the comfort of knowing that such device has never been used before, and that it goes to your hands right from the box.