If you are looking to get a cheap laptop then there are a couple of options available to you. Most college students are in need of a cheap laptop at some point in their education, and these days most anyone who has a need to use a computer will need a laptop at some point, so it is definitely worth looking into. Fortunately there are a few different routes you can take to get an inexpensive machine that fits your needs.

The first thing you might try is to look on Craigslist. This is the potentially cheapest route to go because there are no listing fees and such with Craigslist so the price will not generally be inflated. Plus you can deal locally and check out the merchandise before you actually put your money down. This is one of the better ways to get laptops for cheap.

Another thing you might look into is a used laptop on eBay. The thing is that you will want to do some research first and find a slightly older model that is still reliable and will fit your needs. Most of us do not need a cutting edge laptop that has the latest chips in them and cost thousands. Instead we can easily get our work done on a 2 or 3 year old machine that is running software that we are already familiar with. If you have a brand that you have experience with and you know it is reliable then you can search for that brand on eBay and get something that you are comfortable with.

One final option is to shop around and buy one of the cheaper netbooks that are now out there in full force. These are smaller laptops that are quite cheap and still have quite a full feature set on them. You will want to test them out first in the store so that you know if you can type well enough on the smaller keyboard in order to get real work done. Some people have trouble with this so it pays to check it out in advance. Throw the machine up on a tv stand and see if you can type on it. If you find that you can still type well on them then it is a very cheap way to get a decent little machine.