Laptops can be very useful when travelling.  Personally, I never travel without my laptop. I watch movies when underway to a new destination. Furthermore,  I need it to work on my online businesses when I am away from home. Finally, I can stay in touch with family members that are still at home. However, it quite often happens that my laptop gets lost or stolen when travelling. You can’t do anything about this, but being careful. Since I decided to buy solely laptops costing fewer than 300 dollars, my laptops are stolen less often. When they do get stolen, I care less because it was only 200 dollar or so.


Many people think that a cheap laptop is per se a bad laptop, but this is certainly not the case. With the more expensive laptops like a MacBook, you often pay for things that are not directly related to the performance of the machine itself. You do pay for things like expensive promotion campaigns and slick designs. The problem with these slick laptops is that they are more often the victim of theft. Moreover, the cheaper laptops often have the same capabilities as the expensive ones and in some cases the cheap laptop even outperforms the expensive one.


However, where can you purchase such cheap laptops? There are a few web shops on the internet I visit often to check the latest deals. These web shops are the best in price, service and quality. I will describe them in the rest of the article.

Very good web shop that offers laptops for reasonable prices. Their website is a bit chaotic in design, but it has to be said that the service is very good. I often check the ‘Must-Have Deals’, where sells laptops and accessories for bottom prices. Another thing I have to recommend is the so called ‘Geek line’, which entails the most high tech laptops for reasonable prices.

This is with distance the cheapest laptop supplier I have seen so far. However, their sending fees are a bit high, especially if you live in the United States or Asia. Very useful for beginning laptop users is the laptop guide. Everything you need to know about a laptop and technical problems that may occur is described in this guide. If you live in Europe, sending time will be lightning fast. However for other continents it can take up to a week for the laptop to arrive.

This shop has the best service without doubt. If you have questions or technical problems, I would recommend consulting If you buy your laptop here, you are guaranteed of lifelong technical support. Therefore, is especially recommended for people who buy their first laptop. However, for professionals this shop is recommended too, because it seems they have one of the greatest assortments of all web shops. If you cannot find your preferred laptop here, you will not find it elsewhere.


It is recommended to buy a cheaper, but certainly not less capable laptop if you travel often like me. If you are a beginning laptop user, I would recommend to shop at or For more advanced users I recommend