The 2010 Harley Davidson Sportster 883 Low comes with a 3.3 gallon fuel tank. It is small but at around 40-50 miles per gallon you still get a nice range for local and regional riding. Many people like to tour with there Sportster and cruise across the country to Sturgis. If you are riding by yourself or with another 883 Sportster then the extra fuel stops needed for your rides may or may not bother you. If you dislike stopping or you are riding with a group of "Big Twins" then your extra fuel stops will irritate your fellow riders who have a larger capacity fuel tank. You can have a custom tank built that will have a larger capacity for fuel. An easier alternative is to buy an aftermarket tank for the Sportster which is a lot larger and will keep your fuel stops to a minimum.

Sportster RiderDrag Specialties as well as many other companies make and sell larger capacity gas tanks for Harley Davidson Sportsters. Some of the most popular choices for larger capacity Sportster fuel tanks come from Drag Specialties. Some of the tanks are designed to work for only certain model years. Other tanks can work with Sportsters but if you buy a larger capacity fuel tank that is designed for you model year of Sportster then it will be much easier to fit and function properly.

Drag Specialties Extended Gas Tank

Drag Specialties offers an larger capacity for 2004-2006 Harley Davidson Sportsters. This fuel tank will not work if you have the stock seat. This is a great fuel tank for your Sportster as it increases your capacity to around 4 Gallons. This will get you an additional 30-50 miles in between each fill up.

Gallon Paughco Fuel Tank Fat Bob Style

This Fat Bob Style fuel tank is designed for Harley Davidson Sportster 883s and will work on some model years of Harley Davidson Sportster 1200s. This Sportster Fuel tank is 4.2 Gallons. Not only will this fuel tank increase the amount of miles you can ride in between fuel stops but it will drastically modify the look of your Sportster. This is a popular fuel tank for people who chop up there Sportster and make it into a Bobber style motorcycle. Even if you do not want a Bobber style bike this fuel tank will still make your stock Sportster 883 look amazing.

This Fat Bob style fuel tank is available with both a single cap and dual caps. The dual caps will not work on your 1200 Sportster. A Dual capped Fat Bob style fuel tank on your 883 Sportster will make your Sportster stand out from the stock Sportsters.

Quick Bob Rubber Mount Gas Tank

The Quick Bob Rubber Mount fuel tank is a 4 gallon capacity fuel tank designed for 1982-1994 Harley Davidson Sportsters. It will not fit your 1200s Sportster. The Quick Bob Rubber Mount Fuel tank is smaller capacity then the Fat Bob Style fuel tank but it still greatly increases the fuel capacity of your Sportster plus it is rubbe rmounted to help reduce vibration of your motorcycle.

Harley Davidson Color Matched Large Capacity Fuel Tank

This tank is a popular choice. It comes directly from Harley Davidson. It is pre-painted to match the custom color of your Harley Davidson Sportster. This fuel tank is 4.5 gallons. At around $649.99 this is the most expensive of the large capacity fuel tanks for the Sportster but it is straight from the factory. You local Harley Davidson dealer will happily order and install this large capacity fuel tank on your Sportster. By ordering this tank and having Harley Davidson install the tank you can be insured that it will be done properly.

Depending on the year of your Sportster you may have to buy a different seat in order for this large capacity fuel tank to be installed properly.

There is a huge number of companies and individuals that make and sell large capacity fuel tanks for the Harley Davidson Sportster. If you are not mechanically incline you may want to hire an expertly to install and test out your new large capacity fuel tank.

Another great place to find deals on large capacity fuel tanks for Sportsters is on Ebay. You can usually find a great deal on a large capacity Sportster fuel tank off of Ebay but you will either have to install it yourself or pay a trained person to install you new Sportster large capacity fuel tank.

4.5 gallons is about the largest fuel tank you can buy for a Harley Davidson Sportster with out heavy customization. If you are willing to have your bike hacked and modified you can get a mega huge tank such as 7-8 gallons on your Sportster. It is possible but a lot of customization and modification will be needed for your mega huge capacity Sportster fuel tank.

The Parker Alloy Custom tank is a 6 gallon fuel tank that is made in Europe. A Sportster with a lot of modifications can use the Parker Alloy Tank. If you are going to modify your Sportster heavily to fit a 6 gallon or larger size fuel tank then instead of ordering a tank such as the Parker Alloy have a tank custom built to fit you needs. You can then specify the dimensions and sizing you want for your heavily modified Sportster in order to accommodate a large capacity fuel tank such as 6 gallons or more.

If you are averaging 50 miles per gallon with your Sportster and install a large capacity fuel tank you will greatly increase the amount of miles you can travel in between fuel stops. Even swapping pout your 3.3 gallon fuel tank for a 4.5 gallon fuel tank will allow you to travel well over a hundred extra miles between each fuel stop.

When you order a fuel tank from a company it usually comes unpainted. This is a good thing. It allows you to test out the tank before installation to make sure it has the proper pressure. An unpainted fuel tank also allows to to paint or powder coat the fuel tank to any color you choose. Image Credit: (Flickr/Stephen Barnett)