Large Female Thighs: Sexy or Fat

Women come in all shapes and sizes. This is a good thing when you take into account the taste and cultural backgrounds of a lot of people. The way you feel about yourself will depend on the way you were raised. You will either find women who are curvaceous more attractive than slender women. There are those who like women that are fuller. That is to say women with a lot of meat. That is a terrible way to describe female features but that is also what humans have. Some men say that women with large female thighs are sexy whilst others say they are just fat. In some cultures, it is thought that a woman with large thighs or that is plus size is sexier and hence better appreciated.

In Western cultures, women with large female thighs are often ashamed and will look for  ways to reduce the size of their lower anatomy. There are of course issues with having large thighs. For example, some women suffer from chaffing because their thighs are constantly rubbing together. This can create a lot of pain and discomfort in the groin. It is of course possible to wear compression shorts with padding. That said, there are occasions in which that will not be possible. For instance, if you have to go to the beach or to the swimming pool compression shorts will not work for you. Another problem with large female thighs is that it can be a problem finding appropriate clothing to wear. Some women have a difficult time finding jeans that will fit properly. Even jeggings are not always easy to find when you have bigger legs.

In some cases, some women have bigger thighs that are toned but they can never seem to get them to be smaller. Those with too much fat on their legs might need to go on a diet in order to reduce the size of their thighs. The other issue is, going on a diet might not actually work for everyone. That is because you might lose weight and fat in other parts of your body but not in your thighs and hips. Some women have just learned to live with what they've got and they don't feel that bad about it. In general, people tend to become aware of their bodies and feel insecurity because of the general perception of what is supposed to be beautiful. Large female thighs that are toned are sexy but that will of course depend on your preference.

It is ironic that some women have body image issues and they might feel that they have big thighs when in fact they are just normal. That is a more difficult thing to deal with because it has a lot to do with your mind. Women in some Latin American countries are quite proud of their large female thighs and curves. They are not ashamed to show off their body in tight-fitting dresses. This goes to show that even if you have bigger legs, success and being sexy is all about attitude.