Large Hips Jeans: Are You Ashamed? 

   My sister wanted me to go shopping with her the other day.  She needed to update her wardrobe for work and play, and suggested I might need to do the same.  I dislike shopping for clothes and I dislike shopping for clothes with my sister even more.  She is and has always been a perfect size six.  I am and have nearly always been an imperfect size - well, never mind the size.  Let's just say "large".  How in the world did genetics get so mixed up?  She and our brother both inherited our mom's long slender body shape; I inherited dad's tall, yet "stocky" frame.  This would be fine if I were a tall, stocky guy like my dad is.  No, I'm a tall, stocky - read "large" - female.  Work clothes aren't much of an issue for me.  I've found some fantastic dresses and skirts that manage to make my hips appear, if not smaller, at least aligned with the rest of my body.  The problem lies in shopping for casual clothes.  With large hips it's embarrassing to wear leggings because they usually go best with a top that runs hip length, making my hips appear even wider than they already are.  Jeans could be a good choice but let's face it - who wants to go shopping for large hip jeans.  It's embarrassing, especially when you are out shopping with your size six sister.  A sister who looks great in any label skinny jeans. It's not as if I can take her into a store that specializes in large sizes.  She knows that regular clothing stores - at least most of them - offer larger sized clothes.  What she doesn't realize is that in most of those places, the larger sizes are simply that - large sizes of outfits offered in small sizes.  They are not specially designed for the larger woman.  They are made for the small woman with extra material to make them fit a large woman.  I get ashamed of looking through the jeans for large hips in those stores when the other women are rummaging through the sizes zero through twelves.  The larger sizes jeans are almost always at the end of the rack, squeezed in between the fourteens and the rack end. 

  It's also an embarrassment wearing some of those large hip jeans.  Unless they are specially designed for large women, the legs tend to be almost as wide as the hips!   Sometimes the only jeans I could buy that fit were men's jeans since they were naturally cut bigger in the hips.  I'd be ashamed when a salesclerk would ask if I was looking for jeans for my husband having to admit that no, I was buying them for me!  I could get designer jeans for large hips if I wanted to pay prices charged by Macy's and other stores like that.  I don't always want to do this because most of my wardrobe money goes in to appropriate clothes for work.  I'd like to be able to buy inexpensive -  or relatively inexpensive - jeans that fit just like other women do.  Often when I find jeans that fit my large hips they look like those wide legged bell bottoms sailors wore.  There was room enough in each leg for a second leg.  The worst ones are jeans that fit around the hips but are too big around my waist!  Even wearing a belt makes me look like a cinched sack!  Wearing those type of jeans definitely made me feel ashamed to wear large hip jeans!

  I'm not ashamed to wear large hip jeans that are made to fit my shape - just worried about shopping for them.  If my sister wouldn't mind going into a specialty store for large women, I could probably find jeans that fit my particular shape.  Then, I could wear a pair of jeans that looked good on my body type, without feeling like I needed an extra leg or a belt for closure.  My sister, of course, feels out of place in those stores.  As she'll say, they have nothing to offer her.  I disagree.  They offer her a look into the world of the woman who is built large in certain areas, whether it be the hips, thighs, waist, or just all over.  And that's something you won't find in the junior department at Sears.  And that, as they say, is priceless.