Are large sports bras really any different? Yes! It is not easy being active without being self conscious for lots of people, but if you are a woman with a large bustline it can be especially trying. Many women that enjoy running, tennis, aerobics or other vigorous exercises know the potential embarrassment and even physical discomfort caused by breast movement. Early attempts at providing control meant everything from an elastic bandage wrap to multiple tight tanktops. Today, science and manufacturers continue to innovate and the problem of finding a large sports bra isn't difficult at all. This generation enjoys a range of choices in style and color to allow them to exercise and stay active while still receiving support and comfort.

The problem with exercising is the movement. It is understood that breast movement is not just up and down, but can also be a rotatary or side-to-side motion as well. This can cause chafing and discomfort. The solution for today's bras generally takes one of two forms: encapsulation or compression. An encapsulation bra actually separates the breasts and individually limits the movement. The compression design is based on the historic method of flattening the bosom and keeping the breast compressed against the body. Usually these sports bras will utilize thicker straps and high necklines to cover and make breast stabilization easier. As in any bra choice, finding the right fit is important. Whether you wear 32DDD bras, 36F, 42DD, or 44DD it is no problem!

There are many sports bras available online that meet the demands of today's active woman. Here are two of the most popular:

Enell Sports Bra
Arguably the Enell is the most popular bra for active women. This bra has been endorsed by Oprah and receives rave reviews from women all over the world. Made from a moisture wicking shiny nylon microfiber, it feels great next to the skin. Front closure. Usually sold in sizes ranging from 32DDD to 44D it will fit most women. It comes in beige, black, pink and ecru. Some women are initially reluctant because of the way it fully covers the chest, but it does a tremendous job of supporting and dampening movement.

Moving Comfort Women's Maia Bra
This bra is a real winner! The Maia features both compression and encapsulation in its design. Each breast is separated with the use of underwires and seamless cups and then gently compressed to further reduce movement. It has a back closure and adjustable straps. The Maia comes in an amazing assortment of colors including black, bronte, mist, petal, taupe, white and blush. It is geared towards women with larger busts and comes in sizes from 32DD to 44DD. The Maia is a great looking bra that avoids the "tube" look so common with many sports bras on the market. Working out is great, but women still want to look feminine while doing it, too.

Maia Sports BraThere are many companies making large sports bras and it will require some experimentation. Under Armour and Playtex both make some great bras, too. Be sure to move around, bend, stretch and flex while trying a sports bra on. Breast petals will minimize rubbing and are worth considering, too. Make sure it fits under real use conditions and not just while standing still looking in the mirror. Get shopping and then get exercising! Be proud of your natural curves and if they are man-made, get out of that surgical bra as soon as possible and into a sports bra. Be strong and confident – your life is waiting!