There are wall clocks and then there are large wall clocks. The former refers to any number of wood, metal, pendulum and even antique clocks that are hung on the wall. This is to differentiate them from mantel clocks or some other type of desktop clock that one might use. Modern clock design has once again created a boom in the styles available for home decoration and interior design purposes. Somehow, the presence of a wall clock just seems to strike an air of eccentricity of class to a room. This can be accomplished with a wide variety of design styles and looks.

In this case, we are discussing how large wall clocks make a statement for your home. These vary in size from 24-48" diameters. Clocks for hanging on your wall can come smaller and in different shapes, like squares, rectangles and other patterns - like stars, sunbursts and other shapes. For the large wall clock variety, we are usually referencing a circular clock that has a diameter of at least twenty-four inches. This number is simply one used for reference here. Some walls call for a much larger clock and others could look better with a smaller diameter or other shaped clock.

What you'll find if you do any searching for wall clocks online is that you will come across a variety of sites with many pictures and images of the clocks they offer. Look at them carefully. Some are made of plastic, resin molds, thin metal and some wood. The finishes can vary from a spray on to a hand painted face. The large surge in the appeal of these types of clocks has spawned an industry of cheap and flimsy clocks.

If you are looking for a quality large wall clock, then you will probably have the best luck going to a site and searching their options specifically. It is hard to say what one is best over another, because we all have different tastes. It is likely that finding a wood wall clock that large will be quite heavy, so hanging it will also be a challenge. You might find that getting one of the newer molded or painted metal clocks saves weight and price. The older wall clocks will cost much more than a newer clock made for mass production. This doesn't mean that the clock will look cheap or of inferior quality. Sometimes, the newer types of clocks reflect a more modern sensibility in a room. In fact, large wall clocks were not very popular back in the time of the originals, so you will have better luck finding one of a newer vintage anyway.