Large wall clocks can really add to the interior decor of your home. There are plenty of traditional and modern large wall clocks for cheap prices out on the market. Clocks that will still look quite nice in your home. If you're looking for antique and vintage large wall clocks, then the pendulum wall clocks are by far the most popular ones, and they're in high demand. They make for a great collectors item. Some of the unique chimes on pendulum large clocks are just as popular as the clock itself. However, over the years the pendulum large clock has been replace with contemporary wall clocks, and digital clocks these days. Most digital wall clocks don't add much decorative taste to your home, but are more reliable wall watches to keep track of time at the office, or at your home. Whichever large wall clocks you're looking for, you can save some money by shopping online. Down below are some of the large wall clocks for cheap prices that are available to buy.

Unique Contemporary Wall Clocks for Cheap Prices

Sunburst Silver Finish Contemporary Wall Clock

One of the very unique large wall clocks available out on the market is the Sunburst Silver Finish Contemporary Wall Clock. This is clearly a contemporary wall clock for those looking for a decorative clock to fit in with their home's decor. It's really quite unique, and there's really nothing like it appearance wise. The silver finish is quite nice for a modern look for offices and homes. It's not gotten the greatest feedback on Amazon. It's a pretty cheap contemporary clock that can appeal to ones eye at least. It's going for sale at amazon, and it only costs $60 dollars. That's a pretty cheap price for a contemporary large wall clock that's unique and exquisite looking like this one.

Modern Large Contemporary Pendulum Wall Clocks for Cheap Prices

This is not exactly a really cheap large wall clock, but considering its a Howard Miller Clock, then its pretty cheap in comparison to most Howard Miller clocks out on the market. The Howard Miller 625-279 Bergen 35 Wall Clock is one of the cheapest ones out on the market. Howard Miller makes some really nice traditional and modern clocks. They're very unique in style, and reliable as well. Both metal and wood is used as its design. The pendulum, bezel, and sides feature a nickel finish, complimented with a very nice merlot cherry finish. It's a quartz moving clock. Perfect for home use in hallways, dining rooms, or living rooms. You can purchase for relatively cheap prices slightly over a hundred dollars at amazon.


Howard Miller 625-279 Bergen Wall Clock
Amazon Price: $195.00 $136.50 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 10, 2013)

Large Digital Wall Clocks for Cheap Prices

Large wall clocks that are just digital can be purchased for pretty cheap prices. The La Crosse Technology WS-8157OAK-IT Atomic Digital Wall Clock is actually quite a splendid looking wall clock. What makes it unique is that it will also show the phase of the moon. It will keep track of the time, date, weekday, along with the indoor and outdoor temperatures for the day. Everything you need to keep track of is displayed with this really nice and large digital wall clock. La Crosse Technology has a few really nice and cheap large wall clocks available. This one only costs a little more than $30 dollars online at mejier. They got a collection of other La Cross Technology cheap digital wall clocks available as well.

Large Pendulum Wall Clocks for Cheap Prices

If you're a cat person, then you can find a great deal going online for the Cat with Tail Pendulum Wall Clock. The clock was created by Ashton Sutton. The bezel features a tan red color. A black cat is featured right on the dial of the large wall clock, with its tale as the pendulum. This is one cool looking pendulum wall clock to purchase. A mee-oww is made when the hand strikes the new hour. Kind of cute and charming. It would also make a great gift idea for someone you know who loves cats. Makes for the perfect home pendulum wall clock. Prices are cheap under $40 dollars online at Amazon. Customers have enjoyed this pendulum clock.

La Crosse Technology WS-8157OAK-IT Atomic Clock with Outdoor Temperature and Weather Forecast

Wagging Cat Tail Pendulum Clock

Infinity Instruments Wagging Cat Tail Pendulum Clock
Amazon Price: $41.00 $35.60 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 10, 2013)