Consider the time you spend at tables throughout a typical day. If you're like most people, you'll probably spend most of your waking hours behind one kind of table or another. There's kitchen tables at breakfast, work tables during the day punctuated by a break at a lunch table, then back home to our kitchen and dining tables, followed by some "quality" time in front of our TVs and coffee tables. If, like myself, you do not watch TV, then you might spend time at another work table (the desk) or back to the kitchen table for some tea and a good book. For most kids, it's the same thing except their desks are known as school tables.

Tables have taken over modern life, and this is as true of those who like antique tables as it is of those who like modern tables. Everywhere we go, we put ourselves behind a table. It stands to reason, therefore, that we should have nice tables at home. Spending countless hours with an ugly table is bound to take a toll on your frame of mind, especially if the table is not well designed. What we want are good tables that are easy to use and nice to look at. And that doesn't mean we have to get really expensive tables, either. Some of the best tables are the simple ones. We don't get tired of looking at them as we would with a "novel" design that grows stale, and there's less to break on them!

large wooden tables are the choice for large groups to congregate for a meeting of minds. If the table be round, so much the better, as evidenced by tales of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Although these are most often encountered in the form of banquet tables, they can also make good alternatives to formal dining sets. Formal dining sets tend to be fairly serious looking, dark, and perhaps fancy. Those are qualities that many people do not hold in high regard. Why not get a country style large table to serve as the dining table? These tables offer the surface area needed to accommodate larger numbers of people, as for family and holiday gatherings, but are unpretentious and can even be cheerful looking. What they lack in refined design, rustic tables make up for in thickness and honesty of design. You could hardly ask for more, especially if good food and merry times are your priority.