A while back I was thinking of the time when I was a youngster and I had saved up all my money to buy a second hand Telly and VCR.
People I knew were upgrading and decided to sell their outdated TV and VCR. As soon as I came home with my new gear, I wired it with my big old loudspeakers to my even older audio set. I put in a flick on tape and a brand-new world opened up to me.
My own personal film theatre had been made! I started to view rental films which had 'spectacular' Dolby Pro Logic sound. Back then ProLogic was as good as it gets. Planes flew trough my bedroom, bullets hit the wall behind me, I was offically hooked on films with surround sound!
I was happy with my personal Movie Theatre, things could hardly get any better... although that's what I assumed.

A friend of my father took me to a retail store specialised in audio systems and speakers, he had heard some good reviews about the store and he knew I was enthusiastic about everything that had anything to do with sound and movies.

The store had music equipment and speakers of brand names I never heard of. Back then it was the late 1990's and I had began my first real job and was earning a real salary, which means a higher budget. The store was equipped with a number of hearing rooms, they would first interview the customer to discover more about his or her interests and personal preferences,i.e. if they loved pop music, classical concert events or perhaps movies.

In my case that would be motion pictures, so they moved ahead and set up a room with speakers and an audio receiver and let me watch a movie. They also hooked up a DVD player so I could watch several favorite scenes of movies I brought along with me. Needless to say I was flabbergasted! What a sound! I couldn't believe my hearing.

Ever since then the brand names I didn't knew have never left my house! The audio receiver was a AVR-2803 from Denon and the loudspeakers were from Kef.
They asked about my personal budget first, to rule out the very pricey speakers, based upon my budget they would let me experience the Kef Q-series.
The Q-series provide a high quality sound for an affordable price tag. I call myself critical but not an audiophile, so you don't see me shelling out hundreds and hundreds of dollars on one speaker.

To sum this story up, I bought the Denon and the Kef Q5-series loudspeakers so that I could enjoy the experience of Dolby Digital 5.1 at home with my new Kef Home Theatre. A few years later I upgraded to the new Kef Q7-series (in 2005) and again what an advancement in sound quality!
The only thing is that the speakers are a bit too big and that doesn't fit really well in my livingroom. The issue was that I had already ordered them so I decided to keep them since the design was attractive.

After several years of enjoying my big Kef speakers I decided it was time for new, this time smaller sized loudspeakers. I had just a single condition and that was that the quality of sound has
to be the same or better. This is nearly an impossible condition but I discovered what I was looking for. Kef has a array of home theatre speakers that perform very well and are renowned in expert circles. My conclusion is that you don't need large speakers to enjoy movies to the fullest! The small kef speakers in addition to a good bass speaker provide you with substantial bang for your buck. This set proves you won't need large speakers to generate a fantastic sound quality!